Friday, 14 October 2011

We are still here

Amber Coils - Sold

Bonfire necklace
We've just not been paying attention, sorry. Well I am mainly posting stuff on my jewellery blog as well I am mainly making jewellery.

TS has just started his second year as a mature (v mature :) ) full time student he might pick up on his Arnold the Methodical Blog as I caught him laughing at his own posts the other day.

But the Breezy Break French web site is no more I'm afraid blame the cost of hosting it and our lack of being in France which made it feel like a bit of a lie.

We still have the house of course and the lovely next door but one Ian has been finishing it off for us but its strictly a holiday romance now. We might even get to visit next year who knows.

In the meantime in lieu of misty autumn Limousin-ness have some jewellery . . . just not the same I know