Saturday, 20 April 2013

We shall not be moved

I went on my first demonstration today.

What got me off my bum? The bedroom tax that's what.

No it doesn't affect me directly I don't get housing benefit I don't live in social housing but the way people are being treated makes me incredibly angry and ashamed.

So I went to show solidarity because I am happy to pay taxes to provide a safety net and I don't think it is right that MPs who have their housing and food subsidised by my taxes should take away the little that other people have.This tax makes no sense other than to punish people for being poor it will cost more to collect than it will ever save. All I can see is the green eyed jealousy of people who are not content with having more than most they want everything and they make me sick.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I'm over there

No not over THERE not in France. That might be up for sale soon (the house not France obviously), then again maybe not as we wrestle with the idea of putting that into the past.

I mean over there over here. Over there being my jewellery blog. Though I have to confess I am spending more time on my new web site Bejewelled Swan. At least more online time. When I am not out earning a crust I am mostly creating scrap metal and some jewellery.

Bejewelled swan - fanciful eh? But lots of interesting mythology connected to swan women so to me its a strong name not a pretty prissy one.

With Spring looking like its finally springing as we officially head into Summer back here I come to look at photos of Norfolk and my thoughts turn to getting back out on my bike.

There short and sweet but I did say I'm mostly over there.