Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Is Today a Funny Day or What?

Catchy title - you like?

Well its the 29th February, only comes round once every four years but does it mean anything? Because do you know although nothing that I could really absolutely positively put my finger on has gone wrong somehow it's been a f**** awful day.

Of course there is an extra day this year and I *son't see an extra days pay anywhere and I'm a firm believer in a fair days pay for a fair days work which might be why despite my best efforts ( I got out of bed and went there) it would be difficult to slip a fag paper between what I actually got done and bugger all.

Roll on a proper day thats what I say, a day you can rely on to turn up every year.

Yes thats it short and bitter. Move along now . . . . nothing to see.

* typo but I think I'll keep it as a new word sont = so don't

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Of Divas and Divs

I'm ready for my close-up
I suppose this belongs on the other blog but sometimes life can't be neatly divided (most times?).

I decided not to do the craft show next week but to list my stuff on my sadly neglected MISI shop. The main reason being I didn't feel like I had enough jewellery ready and the second reason being I felt pushed to make something rather than making what I like and feel proud of. Same as the first reason I guess.

This meant a day spent in my photographic studio (bedroom and/or front doorstep if the sun is shining). Its a blummin good job the sun did come out too as Dora, on discovering her services as a model were not required, flounced off in full supermodel mode "accidently" batting one of the lamps to the floor and breaking it to cries of "for F****s sake Dora!" she really took the hump then and went downstairs to sulk with her trusty sidekick Max.

He doesn't have delusions of divaness but is a bit of a div he has extended his love of soggy sponges to anything that might be found in the bathroom. So razors, tubes of toothpaste and the pumice stone are the latest things that have to be hidden if you don't want to find them in your shoes of a morning and the toilet rolls continue to be sacrificed to the gods of the u-bend. We really must get a lock on that bathroom door.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Blending in

We bought a food processor/blender type thing the other week because we were going to eat healthy soups and smoothies and things well drink healthy soups and smoothies and things.

First Saturday big mistake we started the day off with a breakfast smoothie, lunch was a wholesome veggie soup this had the unsurpring effect that by teatime we were both  . . . well lets say we had to open the windows. OK lets tell it like it is we were farting like vikings. (apologies to any vikings out there but it is a turn of phrase that amuses us both greatly that we probably heard on some comedy somewhere apologies also to whoever's turn of phrase it was before we nicked it and used it and probably constantly misquoted it )

So we quickly cut back on the vegetation to the breakfast smoothie while our ancient digestive systems adapt. It might not seem like much vegetation to you but TS semi seriously told me tonight that he'd read somewhere that you could overdose on nuts so you get an idea of the baseline we are starting from here. This was incidently while he was eating a bun that had some of the flour replaced by ground hazelnuts which brings me to my next point.

Obviously the odd smoothie is not really a good return on our investment in the food smashing up/spinning round machine so in addition to smoothies it's moonlighting on cakes and scones and we are telling ourselves that they are bound to be healthier than shop bought ones.

Roll on the light mornings and nights so we can start cycling to work. Did I tell you we'd started cycling? Yes well that's another story. I did make a start on fitness by walking to work last Monday but I fell and had to go to A&E and get my ankle x-rayed it wasn't broken just soft tissue damage which I think is A&E code for what are you bothering us for. They did give me a nice leaflet with ankle strengthening excercises in though.

Oh and TS has confessed he had two smoothies this morning and by lunchtime he was letting rip with such ferocity he was startling the cats

Monday, 20 February 2012

Walking backwards to Christmas

Sunrise Robin Hoods Bay
So you've had the turquoise hair. You lucky people now for the pre-Christmas break.

Which you can guess by the photo was at Robin Hoods Bay. Bliss. Walks on the beach (I really like the seaside in Winter it's definitely at it's best). Despite TS buying a pick fossils for the extracting of, there was a complete absence of fossil finds not so much as a T-rex nor bugger all to be had.

I did see a seal swimming about under the sea wall which was nice and we walked along the cliffs to Boggle Hole and lets face it with a name like that it was practically compulsory. In the evenings we sat in front of an open fire and watched the Horror Channel, well it was that or the god botherers or teleshopping.

We got back to reality with only two shopping days to Christmas and I got the food and gifts in a mad two hour whirlwind tour of the White Rose Shopping Centre.

What it's nearly March already?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Colour Turquoise

Well the colour is a bit off does not look patchy like this in real life  I think it must be the lights but its the only photo I have so you will have to squint a bit and use your imaginations.

You don't have to imagine away the double chin as I already cropped that for you but I'd be grateful for any help you can give on the bags under the eyes and the pasty complexion. In fact if you could kind of take me back to thirty I think that would just about do it

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Well I was going to stop but then Aims . . . .

I have been too busy to blog, honest.
There was the craft fair at Christmas and I've got another one 1st March so all in all I don't seem to be finding time. Then Aims put some of her posts together as a short story and I thought about when I first found her blog and how much reading about the exploits of my imaginary friends cheered me up. Then I thought about how bloody miserable reading the Guardian makes me (but that's another blog post entitled I voted Lib Dem what the fuck was I thinking) . So I thought (yes lots of thinking but bear with me I'm out of practice) I could mostly give that up especially when TS could give me the edited highlights which he does anyway even when I'm reading the same article at the same time.
I could also stop watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory and Dr Who or even blog while watching them being that I know them off by heart. Well not quite, the old grey cells ain't what they used to be but they are still up for a bit of multi-tasking. So come here and give us a hug


No it;'s OK you don't really have to. It's an excuse for this picture of walking on the beach in Winter and gives me the chance to mention that we went to Robin Hoods Bay just before Christmas and in other news I got my fringe died turquoise. Now you're intrigued go on admit it