Sunday, 22 July 2012

Breezy breaking in Norfolk

Poppies and cornfields its a classic

Deserted beaches

Quaint churches
We've been for a rather damp week in North Norfolk . . . but despite the week long 70% chance of precipitation forecasts we managed to somehow miss most of the raindrops. Must have been our superfast cycling.

Only got soaked to my underwear once. And on the bright side it did make our tiny (but completely waterproof ) tent feel cosy. Plus cycling all day I slept like a log even though my airbed deflated gradually through the night.

It was a real eye opener our previous experience of Norfolk was on the Broads on hire boats and wonderful as that was I had no idea just how pretty the place was.

The quiet country lanes were a pleasure to cycle on (except for all the punctures due to flint new tyres on order), the natives were friendly and the fish and chips were marvellous.

So we'll be back
... with a bigger tent .. .  that we can stand up in . . . where we don't have to stand in the rain to make a cuppa . . . get dressed and walk across a field at 4 in the morning to have a wee.

So we'll be back but next time we'll be glamping!