Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Lovely Bike

That by the way is sung to the same tune as My Lovely Horse in Father Ted.

None of these is me I'm taking the picture!
I've got a new bike can you tell? It makes me very happy. You see I was huffing and puffing about on my old bike (yes the one I bought this time last year it got old very quick) and between my general lard arsedness and my imaginary arthritis. Which seems to be responding well to no chillis, tomatoes and peppers,( chips thankfully are still on the menu), certainly as well as it did to the cortisone , who'd of thought it.

Anyway huffing and puffing and getting no fitter and certainly no slimmer I decided to blame my bike and went and got a much better one on the cycle to work scheme and do you know it was the bikes fault all along! It was! It's true! I've cycled to work nearly every day (keeping my side of the cycle to work scheme bargain) plus we did over thirty miles last weekend and this weekend a trip to the shops yesterday and 16 miles along the canal today. I whizz about and people marvel at the speed a fat lass can move.

I love my bike so much I keep it in the living room instead of outside where the bad people are who might run away with it.