Friday, 27 June 2008

Are You My Mummy?

Eddie has finally achieved his ambition of snuggling up with Sissy.

Ever since he arrived he has been trying to get close to her a prospect that has until now filled her with horror.

He jumps on the sofa, so she goes to lie on he floor, he follows her down to the floor so she gets on a chair, he jumps on the chair so she goes upstairs.

Everywhere she tries to get a bit of rest he appears.

Dr Who fans will recognise the title. For those of you not familiar well thank goodness for You Tube

Ernie in the mean time has got his own issues with the water dish.

He sticks his paw in the water and the bloody stuff makes him wet, so he hits it, so it makes him wetter, hits it harder and faster and gets wetter still. He's tried approaching it from every angle with the same result. It's always alert for sneak attacks and always gets him back.

Monday, 23 June 2008

One volunteer is worth ten pressed men

Here's our volunteer pumpkin. It could only be from the compost I dug into the garden last winter. Huge in comparrison to the ones I have coddled and nutured it's elbowing the cauliflowers out of it's way ready to go rampaging across the garden with a volunteer potato hot on it's heels.
If pumpkin pictures are just too exciting for you I do have a picture of a tomato. Sad I know but after last year's complete wash out I am thrilled to have nine (yes nine I counted them) little tomatoes appearing on one of the tomato plants. The others have some too but I haven't counted how many I have a short attention span.
We very nearly have peas too! We have leeks that are developing a distinct leekness, onions that might actually come out of the ground bigger than when we put them in, and climbing beans climbing. Also putting in an appearance are salsify, swiss chard, beetroot, carrots, cucumbers and broad beans.
In fact if it wasn't 30 degrees in the shade I would be out there weeding and coddling and praising all the little veggies and telling them just what a bang up job they are doing. But with my eyes screwed up against the sun I can choose not to see the weeds.

Monday, 16 June 2008

If you go down to the woods today

I dare you to look at the full size image!

Have we been watching too much Sci Fi ? Is that why we got the feeling that if we leant in too close it would reach up and grab us? Or maybe it did and now we are being controlled and seeking to infect others.

We think it's an Octopus Stinkhorn, a kind of fungus. It was there in all it's gory glory this morning and already by the time this picture was taken something had eaten a bit of this one and the other one a few yards away was gone entirely.

They are supposed to be edible if disagreeable. I think I'll stick to button mushrooms in a plastic punnet thank you.

Friday, 6 June 2008

More kitten stuff

Sorry but you have to hear more about Eddie and Ernie.

They are completely different in looks and personality.

Ernie (ginger) looks at least a week bigger than Eddie and is bold and easy going. He purrs all the time and jumps up and down on Eddie a lot (well what else are smaller siblings for?)

Eddie squeals over the slightest thing, Ernie jumping up and down on him, being picked up when he wants to be on the floor, being on the floor when he wants to be picked up.

You would think his big brother was bullying him but come dinner time it's Eddie who drives Ernie off the food. No surprise then that Eddie was the first kitten to manage to climb onto the dining table.

Mostly though they are either testing everything they can get their paws on to destruction or snuggled up together asleep.

TS finds them particularly helpful when he is getting ready for work.