Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Best Things in Life Are Free

We are enjoying the most consistently good weather since we arrived yet we are busy preparing for Winter.

I am making the most of the weather and the fabulous clothes washing machine to wash quilts and blankets.

We have accepted the fact that we've neither the time nor money to convert the attic into a second bedroom and have laid down insulation and boards to close it up. This has had the stunning effect that for the first time ever it is warmer in the house than outside. Yes the first time ever. Plus no need to worry about the mongoose any more

The chimney is swept and the heatproof board up to keep the warmth from the Rayburn disappearing up the chimney and bits from up the chimney falling in our tea.

We have sold our trailer, bought a chain saw with the proceeds and surveyed our bits of woodland. The patch at the bottom of the garden, the bit down the lane and the Woods that Legend Spake Of. There are enough fallen trees to keep us in firewood this winter and maybe next. We reckon that if we cut the coppice in the bit down the lane during the winter that should do us a winter too. All in all we're well sorted in the heat and cooking department.

The only drawback is we will have nothing to cook. We have managed to produce enough food to eat something of our own every day but alas just about no surplus.

This of course means we shall need money. Bugger


Hedgewizard said...

Ahhh... chainsawing. I know it well - but the wood needs to season for a year or two before it will burn well. Good to see you beginning to take stock!

You might want to think about planting some willow whips or hazel to coppice for fuel in a few years - I can put you in touch with a friend who's just planted his if you like.

Breezy said...

We are hoping that the fallen over stuff will be sufficiently well seasoned for this year. We'll see as we get round to splitting it (well as TS gets round to splitting it) The coppice is sweet chestnut but it has not been kept up to so we will have to see how much regenerates after we cut it this winter. The woods that legend spake of are just a tangled mess of blown over trees and brambles thanks to the storm of 1999 but with some good oaks still standing it could well be the place to start off some new coppice once we can see the wood for the trees! the ground might be a bit light and free draining for willow but hazel seems to do well round here any advice would be welcome

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Hedgewizard said...

If you already know hazel does well, then that's the one to go for... my expertise ends there I'm afraid!