Sunday, 23 December 2007

Slightly less interesting than a fish sandwich

Christmas the season of The Great Escape on tv and the season of the escape proof half a chicken tractor at the Breezy household. Finally, those pesky chooks have met their match in the the form of an archetypal chicken arc type run from which there is no escape.

They have tried. I've watched them inspecting every inch of chicken wire and gathering in the corners comparing notes. For two days now they have been stymied. It's great. No more climbing over the barbed wire to retrieve them from next door, no more walking up the road with a chicken under each arm.

In the fullness of time we will complete the moveable chicken house and Chateau La Chook will be retired in favour of Dunroamin (a nice little Swiss Chalet type design in my head) and then the Girls will get to do the gardening ready for next year's stunning crop of veggies. Optimistic? not really.

We are emerging from a horrible cold flu type of thing and one of the symptoms seems to be being really depressed and paranoid I'm sure it was the feeling of impending doom which finally motivated us to get on and get the run built.

It also motivated me to phone my mother. That and guilt. Now she hasn't got much of a grasp on why we want to be in France and do the things we do but she does like to hear about what the chickens have been up to as a rule. So I gave her a call "Hello Mam How are you?" "Martin's just brought me a fish sandwich" Clearly the conversation was over before it started.

So there you have it our life in France - slightly less interesting than a fish sandwich.



Hedgewizard said...

I'm interested. Ooh wait - thanks love - what's that, tuna? brb.

Anonymous said...

said mother has now moved to number one important childs house for the festive season have a good christmas will ring early christmas day please e mail telephone number as i ve lost it yours martin the city dwelling saddo

aims said...

Hey Breezy! At least you are feeling somewhat better!!

Have I ever told you I love the pic of you and the dogs walking along - with Sissy looking back? That little bun on the top of your head...sort of school-marmish in a way. Makes me want to visit France.

Every good wish to you for this festive season.

(We don't have a tree or a xmas stocking anywhere - just so uninterested this year)

I can only hope that January brings some smiles and something different than this.

Breezy said...

HW you are cruel

Martin Christmas with the First Born she'll be happy

Aims Here's hoping for a wonderful New Year for us all

softinthehead said...

Breezy glad you are both on the mend. Mothers!! 'nough said. Merry Christmas to you and TS.

Kitt said...

Poisson, poison ... coincidence?

Glad you're feeling better and the chooks are under control. Hope it turned out to be a merry Christmas in whatever way you like to make merry.

Mousie/Paisible said...

I too is very happy you're feeling better...I had quite a laugh when I read about the fish sandwhich...your mum really looks like mine !!!! she always complains I don't phone but when I do there's always something more important to do !
that's life !!! that's mums !!!
i hope the coming year will bring you love, peace and light...
be well sweetheart

Breezy said...

SITH a bit late now on the Crimble front so Happy New Year

Kitt we had a lovely Christmas dinner thank you followed by trivial pursuit and charades ...perfect

Mousie Hello ! how have you been? Happy New Year to you and yours