Monday, 14 April 2008

On a High

I feel good

Dooby doobidy doo

I knew that I would now

I feel good

Dooby doobidy doo

(yes I know you thought James Brown was in the room with you for a moment there)

Anyway I do feel . . .

Good so good

Yesterday was another story altogether I was happy to be home but the journey left me the most travel sick I have been since I don't know when. We had to make a sharp exit from Debra's place as it hit me hard as soon as we sat round her kitchen table. Then when I went to bed the room was spinning. Oh but today I'm completely and utterly with it and enjoying being back to the full.

Already there have been purchases of leeks for the garden and potting compost.

You would of had a picture of the violets we spotted in the woods this morning but we forgot to put the card in the camera so in lieu this is Mortemart. There's a plant fair there this weekend and I shall be rushing around it clutching my hard earned euros tightly in my fist. Who knows I might even prise it open and buy something.
Tomorrow we'll be going to buy the basic groceries like butter and bread that completely slipped our minds today in all the giddy excitement of leeks and compost (oh we know how to live we do). That's after we reclaim the Dinnerladies from Deb's place where they have been right royally looked after.
Then I need to dig over the garden and plant the leeks, peas, broad beans, carrots, onions, cauliflowers and all the flower seeds oh and the dahlias and gladioli.
Don't know what we'll be doing after lunch.


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SpiralSkies said...

Wow, that photo just oozes serenity. It must seem like a million miles away from Blight and temping... jealous much? Moi?

Rowan said...

Glad you are safely back in France and looking forward to summer. Poor you being so travel sick, it's a miserable feeling and there's no escape if you are in the air or on the sea - at least in a car you can stop for a while!

Kitt said...

After lunch? A nap, I think!

Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

its not travel sickness the air is to fresh down there for you lungs you need a bit of that mucky stuff we breeve up here in leeds glad you home safe thanks for the books i will have great pleasure setting fire to them (just kidding)i will send to father ken at hunslet parrish church for the bring and buy sale yours martin

Stew said...

Welcome home

Breezy said...

Jen temping is just a distant memory either that or I'm blocking the trauma

Thanks Rowan it's great to be here and it's been a lovely day today though we did fall somewhat short on the to do list. But there's always tomorrow and the next day and the next day . . .

Kitt I didn't do enough to deserve one must of been all that desk flying I've been doing

Martin sorry we dumped all those books on you but at least they will go to a good cause! It's been far noisier than your place here today the birdsong has been deafening

Stew Thanks it's good to be home

Moonroot said...

Glad you're back! Look forward to hearing how the Dinner Ladies are once they're home.

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