Monday, 18 August 2008

It's all gone quiet over here

I've not been feeling right chatty of late or internetty really. I've had a stash of novels non of which were stunning but I felt like burying myself in them anyway.

So whats been going on?

Well we've finally got the floor varnished downstairs in our house, the main job that we moved out to do. A little moment of sadness there as we discovered paw prints made by Mimo behind the kitchen shelves the time she got covered in green Hammerite. I've varnished over them so they will always be there now.

I've half painted the shutters, a rather nice shade of lavender I feel. Just as well. A stage of the Tour de Limousin will starting more or less outside our house next week. It wouldn't do to have scruffy shutters now would it and be lowering the tone.

It's been raining lots so a whole bucket of tomatoes have gone on the compost due to being blighted. But my carrots are huge and sweet and carroty and the pumpkins are looking prrrretty damn good (that's them hexed now).

Next big job is putting in the stairs leading up to the attic. We need some big strong men for that as we've been given a solid oak staircase and it weighs a ton. So if you're passing . . .

Petula Gordino is roosting with the rest of the Dinnerladies rather than going off on her own and is finally part of the gang. Now that they can roam at will with no neighbours to annoy they have turned their attention to the one place we don't want them which is in the house. We seem to be constantly shooing them away from the kitchen door. Perhaps they just want to be with us. It seems that wherever we go to up here we have 5 chickens, a cockerel, two kittens and the dog following along behind

It's like a budget production odf the Pied Piper.

Anyway me, the Dinnerladies, Stan, Eddie, Ernie and Sissy are off to get the washing in now


softinthehead said...

Phew! When I first read that sentence, I thought it said Petula was "roasting"....! Thank goodness - note to self - wear your glasses !!! So glad to have you back. Did you have to get permission to paint your shutters? I'm a bit permis shy at the moment!

aims said...

Oh Lord! Do you need permits to paint over there? Tell me it isn't so!

A wonderful post Breezy - cracked me up with all of your constant company. Hopefully you got the laundry in - clean.

Made me a bit sad too about Mimo's footprints. Gave me one of those lop-sided smiles when you are half sad - half pleased. You know what I mean. A lovely thing to do to preserve them for always.

I could cry all over again for Mimo - so I better go.

Breezy said...

Hi SITH no we didn't get a permis for the shutters I don't think we have to Anyway I guess we'll find out! I was working on the assumption that Debra didn't get one to paint her facade but then again she might of!

Aims you ar exactly right on the lop sided smile that is just how we felt too

Mousie/Paisible said...

hi everybody !!! still alive...hope you are allright...keep you all in my thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen

Give us a shout if you need a hand with the staircase.


P.S. We did ask the marie for permission before we painted the house and hopefuly he will still be in the job by the time I finish it

Rowan said...

Lavender shutters sound lovely and very French:) THink lots of blogs are on go slow right now, there are so many other things to do in summer. Hope you get your oak staircase in soon.

Breezy said...

Hi Mousie hope you are well must get over to see you too

Ian thanks for the offer you just know we'll be taking you up on that!

Rowan Hi you're right of course

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Did you ever watch that programme from the US called Green Acres? You probably don't remember it but all those animals trooping along after you sounds just like it. I loved the programme. Ot, on another note - the Bevery Hillbilly's a.k.a the Clampets are beginning to form a very strong picture in ma eld hied!

It is great to read your blog entried from France again. Hadn't realised how much I had missed them.

Breezy said...

MOBs I'm more like the Flowerpot Men I seem to of started shouting "blob a dob a lob a dob" to get the chicken's attention. It works though don't ask me why thats what I shout I wish we had a video camera chickens are so funny when they run

travelling, but not in love said...

It all sounds like lots of fun, but lots of work. Hope you;re enjoying it and that the weather is decent!

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