Friday, 17 August 2007

Oil Yer Cat Missus

A cautionary tale.

Today TS decided to paint the metal plate at the base of the hearth (round the Rayburn that wasn't moving).

The kitten was playing outside. Now she has had all her jabs we've rigged up a plank so she can come and go from the kitchen window.

Our first mistake was not to lock her out of the way in the bedroom.

Our second mistake was not to lock her out of the way in the bedroom when she came to see what TS was doing.

Our third mistake was not to lock her out of the way in the bedroom when she came back for a second look having been pushed away.

Our fourth mistake was to make a grab for her when she decided to go tripping across the freshly painted hearth.

Mistakes one through four resulted in a kitten with green paint not just on her feet but all over her belly from when she crouched down.

Now mistake number five was to try soap and water. It didn't work and did nothing for kitten human relations.

It was time to appeal to a higher authority (thanks to whoever posted info on unpainting cats on t'internet)

This is the secret of unpainting a kitten

1) get sturdy garden gloves (wet from soap and water optional)
2) get bottle of sunflower (or other vegetable) oil
3 get kitten
4) apply oil to affected areas (your clothes, walls and ceiling optional)
5) rinse off oil and paint mixture with warm soapy water
6) rinse off soap
7) spend the rest of your life atoning


Mousie/Paisible said...

what a pity i couldn't have watched all this!!!i had such a good laugh reading it...

Hedgewizard said...

Waiting until dry and then giving said kitten a No.1 buzz cut worked for me...

Jilly said...

Thanks so much for passing Postcards from Pension Milou - glad I found you. I'm not going back ever either!

Good luck in your life - it sounds fabulous.

Jen said...

Poor Pusskins! My dog currently has a particularly 'glossy' coat following some painting work.

Last time I bathed him, I spent:-

5 mins showering/scrubbing dog

25 mins cleaning up bathroom

10 mins shouting at dog who had legged it and jumped in river

Stinking bugger. Sadly, I have much the same trouble with my kids...

Breezy said...

Mousie yesterday my nerves were shattered and Mimo was sulking big time but it's funny today

HW that would be the non panic method then

Hi Jilly your life sounds pretty good too

Jen I'm afraid all the oil and the pale green highlights have made her look like a punk kitten. Kids and animals eh?

soleil said...

pictures? do you have pictures?

Mangonel said...

What on earth is wrong with a green cat??

Breezy said...

Soleil I wish

Mangonel nothing in principle we were in a panic in case she licked it off

Pumpkin said...

Poor kitty! Great story. :)

Anji said...

It doesn't say how to keep hold of an oily kitten!