Tuesday, 7 August 2007

That's What I Call Cool

A surprising star has arisen from the ranks of our permanently rained upon veg. It’s the Wautoma cucumber.

While the other veg has been swooning and demonstrating that it can’t possibly perform under these conditions especially with amateurs like us in charge. The cucumbers have been quietly getting on with it. Hiding their harvest under their sprawling leaves. Providing us with tasty little cucumbers in the face of adversity.

Even among this doughty crowd there is one little chap/ess who stands out. Barely half a dozen leaves have escaped the slugs but undaunted it has made it’s contribution.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you . . The Little Cucumber That Could


Mousie/Paisible said...

dear little cucumber you were a very brave one to escape so many dangers, slugs, snails...I've never seen so many snails than this year...is this a concombre or a cornichon ?I ask because of the small prickles on it(don't know if it is the word)anyway we eat them both...a fresh salad, or with a little cream...delicious...

Breezy said...

cucumber it said on the packet this one is so brave we're going to try collect the seeds