Sunday, 28 October 2007

. . . and another soup

Chestnut and Celery Soup

1. Look up lots of chestnut soup recipes on internet and find that you don't have ingredients for any single one so get a general feel and go with what you've got.

2. Go to barn and jump up and down to reach sack of chestnuts hung just out of reach by absent husband

3. Weigh out a pound and half of chestnuts as detailed in only recipe that didn't measure everything in cups. (what is it with these people that they can't use proper weights and measures?)

4. Cut X in each very slippy chestnut with dangerously sharp knife while cat "helps" by batting chestnuts all over kitchen floor

5. Roast chestnuts in oven for twenty minutes then peel while still hot

6. Put chestnuts back in oven to get hot again and peel some more

7. Repeat 6 till you loose the will to live and finish up with a whole 8oz of mangled chestnuts and give the "leftovers" to chickens

8. Make a sandwich for lunch this soup will never be ready

9. Sweat the vegetables in pan then add chestnuts after you have probably discarded the bit that the cat tasted and spat out.

10. Simmer for ages then puree and taste.

11. Give to dog and make another sandwich for tea


Kitt said...

Aw. Drat. I'm sorry it was such a disaster.

Have you seen this?

Breezy said...

Thanks for the link Kitt I think dessert recipes are the way to go. The sweetness was the thing I really didn't like about the soup, and the peeling though the smell was wonderful!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Roasted chestnuts - a fabulous time of year and exciting as the festive break is almost upon us. Fosty mornings with white encrusted tree branches and lawns crisp underfoot. I love this time of year and for once being a hot menopausaloldbag I am not too hot when I walk my dogs. We'll be having a bonfire in the field behind the houses and there will be chestnuts roasting, giving off that fabulous aroma that you talked about. Chestnuts are fabulous things to throw onto an open fire in the house giving it a wonderful welcoming smell. Throw on a bit of orange peel too and you have the best evocative Christmas smell ever!

Breezy said...

Oh no not Christmas I haven't done Halloween and my birthday yet! Festive starts for me on shortest day and not a minute before!