Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Chateau Les Chooks New Improved Version

Inspired by Sydney Opera House, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and an air raid shelter the new actually movable, by TS and a complete stranger who was just passing by taking down the village Christmas lights, chicken house was unveiled early this afternoon.

Based on a pallet and an old tea chest and faced with PVC tongue and groove there are perches in the front for roosting and a nice big four chicken sized nest box at the back since that's where our girls seem to prefer to sleep anyway.

The chooks were wildly excited. Not so much by their new quarters but by the fact that they are actually back on grass instead of the big pile of hay that I kept adding to in the movable sized run that was not moving anywhere and was rapidly turning into a swamp. In fact they are so excited that even though it is dark and raining they have still not gone to bed.

News Flash - they have gone now and are making sleepy happy chicken bed time noises.

The only drawback with this design (which TS wants me to point out was constructed under extremely difficult circumstances in the barn with inadequate tools, bits of wood and almost no light) is that it is not raised up to provide shade and/or shelter from the rain. This is easily sorted by a piece of tarp over half the run.

As soon as each bit of ground gets weeded, debugged and manured we'll move them on to the next bit.

Voila! as us French folk say


Imperatrix said...

Veddy nahce!, as John Cleese would say. In a Fronch axen'. Bien suuuuuur.

aims said...

It's lovely!! and Ingenious!!

Now - why do you call them chooks?
(not a farm girl even tho I live in a barn)

Kitt said...

Chooks is slang for chickens, and these look like happy happy ones!

Nice work.

Debra in France said...

Wow, a 4star chicken coup! It looks brilliant, well done. My chooks have not laid an egg since the massacre on the 30th, so if you have any spare oeufs .....

Moonroot said...

It looks fabulous. Someone should inform the 'Grand Designs' TV programme!

softinthehead said...

WOW looks great, and far more habitable than our french dwelling at the moment. Looks like a very avant garde chicken hotel, well done TS and friends.

Breezy said...

Imperatrix Thank you

Aims like Kitt said slang

Kitt yes they really like it

Debra unfortunately it has been a week of sponge and custard no spare at the moment. Wait till you're chicken sitting in a couple of weeks you'll be eggbound

Moonroot Thank you

SITH Only the best for our girls see Mrs Tweedy has completely gone away

Rowan said...

The chicken house is great, very ingenious:) No wonder the chooks are making happy chicken noises. Thought both your achievements for 2007 (considerable) and your aims for 2008(perfectly do-able) were excellent.

Breezy said...

Thanks Rowan the 2008 aims will get done unless I get distracted which tends to happen