Friday, 6 June 2008

More kitten stuff

Sorry but you have to hear more about Eddie and Ernie.

They are completely different in looks and personality.

Ernie (ginger) looks at least a week bigger than Eddie and is bold and easy going. He purrs all the time and jumps up and down on Eddie a lot (well what else are smaller siblings for?)

Eddie squeals over the slightest thing, Ernie jumping up and down on him, being picked up when he wants to be on the floor, being on the floor when he wants to be picked up.

You would think his big brother was bullying him but come dinner time it's Eddie who drives Ernie off the food. No surprise then that Eddie was the first kitten to manage to climb onto the dining table.

Mostly though they are either testing everything they can get their paws on to destruction or snuggled up together asleep.

TS finds them particularly helpful when he is getting ready for work.


Kitt said...

Ernie: "You're doin' it wrong! Let me show you how to tie a knot!"

Debra in France said...

Aren't they just brill! I can't imagine a house without kittens. Misty likes to help with gardening. I dig a hole, she lays in it, I lift her out turn round to get the plant for the hole and she is back in it. Finally get plant in hole and backfilling it with soil, Misty is pouncing on my hands at the same time - a horticultural kitten if even there was one!

aims said...

How much fun kittens are! I just love them - but have to resist or I'd have every cat in the country living with us....sigh.

Here's this for you anyway...enjoy. It will come to this and you know it!

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, I need some naughty flufflings!