Friday, 30 May 2008

Eric & Ernie ....and Eddie

We used to have a ginger and white cat called Eric. He was a one off was Eric. He took everything in his stride. A car journey? He would sit on your knee looking out of the window. A trip to the vets? within seconds of being taken out of his basket he would be rolling on his back for his tummy tickling. A strange dog barking at him? No no back arching and spitting just a cool stare and then a good talking to. Oh he never shut up he gave everyone a running commentry on his life and as he got older he would even wander round muttering to himself. Age didn't slow him down and when we tried to keep him in at night worried about his deafness and less than cat like sense of balance he pulled the cat flap clean off the door.

So all our resolutions of no more kittens went out of the window when we saw his double.

We sat last night trying to come up with a name there could never be another Eric but we wanted something connected. Then TS came up with Ernie. Perfect! A name forever linked with Eric at least for anyone British of our age and older. And his little stripey brother? Well he's Eddie just because he is.

Sissy is highly alarmed by the new additions and is staying out of reach on the sofa. She is such a wimp! But she likes cats and when they get past the "are they small or just far away?" spooky stage she'll enjoy their company.


dND said...

They are adorable.

I know what you mean about resolutions. When my last cat died I said no more - now I have 5!

Have you decided how you are going to spend all that money yet? Mind you it does worry me that some people are taken in by it and send off their details.

Happy kitten watching :-D

Debra in France said...

Welcome to the neighbourhood Ernie and Eddie. As soon as Breezy and TS came down to tell us of their new arrivals, OH and I hot footed it to meet them. They are as gorgeous in the flesh (or fur) as they are in the picture. Debra x

P.S. My dad's name is Ernie. I will always have a chuckle when I here you calling it!

Breezy said...

Dnd I'm sure I would find something to spend it on. I guess some people must fall for it or why would they keep doing it. I can see we will get nothing done for kitten watching

Debra They are rushing round the place like little hooligans now. So funny to watch them stalking each other then ouncing and missing!

aims said...

Oh! I love kittens! Who doesn't?

They really are adorable.

And all the shenanigans they get up to as kittens. Hope you take lots of pics and perhaps a video if you have one (we don't).

Moonroot said...

Just adorable! And I love the story of Eric.
Re the slugs (sorry, I'm just catching up with a few days' blogs), we have found bran a very effective method of protecting our crops. Basically, you sprinkle it all around the things you want to protect and the slugs eat the bran instead (they love it). Then the cunning part: it kills them by drying them out from the inside. Yes, heartless I know, but they don't show my lettuces much mercy so I feel justified.
Just be sure to buy a big sack of the bran they feed to horses - using Kellogg's gets pricy!

travelling, but not in love said...

My cat allergy is playing up...they look adorable, but I`m itching just looking at the photo...

Rowan said...

They are absolutely gorgeous! I'd love another cat, unfortunately B Baggins would love one too - for his dinner! I've always had cats and dogs together before but daren't risk it with him.

Kitt said...

Aw, so sweet!

Breezy said...

Aims they are a laugh a minute I'm so glad we got two

Moonroot we are going to try out the bran next time our horsey friend goes to the Alliance Pastoral for feed

TBNIL poor you. More cat pics coming up too better reach for the anti-histamines

Hi Rowan we've always had dogs and cats together and usually it's the cats that are top dog but I can see what you mean about B Baggins he's a powerful dog

Kitt we think so too