Thursday, 16 October 2008

Bells and whistles

I went shopping yesterday for a birthday present for my great nephew (how old does that make me sound?). For his first birthday. Ah bless!

I ran round to the Early Learning Centre in my lunch hour and I had so much fun pressing buttons and having toys sing me nursery rhymes or flash lights or do funny sound effects. Obviously if I had any shame I would have been embarrassed.

Now before I set out I had it in mind to find something sort of sturdy and traditional you know a painted wood kind of thing. Tasteful. So what did I get?

A plastic book that sings nursery rhymes and giggles. It is pink but the giggles more than make up for that. To counteract the girlyness of the book a toy work bench with a drill that makes drill noises and has flashing red lights, a circular saw that makes circular saw noises and hammers and nails that make boing noises.

Fortunately he is not old enough yet to be totally underwhelmed by gifts from aged aunt and uncle so there is non of the usual buying for children anxiety I suppose I'd better make the most of it.


Autolycus said...

Such a joy having the excuse to be a child again, ins't it?

aims said...

Being a (childless) great aunt gives us excuses to do many things that others would not. I do enjoy doing that sort of thing too!

Sounds like a happy time for you Breezy! Hooray!

Breezy said...

Well the house looked like a branch of Early Learning the advantage of being the only baby in the family I guess. His dad and great grandma were the ones playing with all the toys. He, quite rightly so, was thrilled to have learnt to stand up unsupported and more interested in showing off his new skill

travelling, but not in love said...

I love buying my nieces and nephew things. so cool. I'm over the tasteful thing now though. Kids love a bit of plastic....!

Moonroot said...

Nieces and nephews are a great excuse for toy-buying!


Tag- you're it! Details on my blog.

Rowan said...

Buying things for babies is such fun, with 3 grandchildren under 3 I now have plenty of excuses to spend time in toyshops and looking at books like The Tiger Who Came To Tea and Green Eggs and Ham:) OK so maybe they aren't quite ready for those yet but I am!

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