Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Black black

I am at the Uni again which is handy transport wise but it does mean being surrounded by 18 to 20 somethings all of whom seem to be 7 stone wet through. That is quite depressing. All of a sudden I feel old and frumpy instead of just feeling like me.

It may be my old frumpyness but I would like a long sleeved black T shirt with a V neck, not a round or a square neck or a neck with an imitation bit of blouse attached. Plain black no sparkly bits, no writing, no pattern, not ribbed not down to my knees or up round my armpits. Three quarter length sleeves would be acceptable. Can I find one? Can I buggery. Maybe I'll have to buy Peoples Friend or some other old people's magazine and send off for one mail order.

Other than my total lack of a black long sleeved T s.hirt things are just steady away

The first job I got was data input. Very boring but on the plus side they provided breakfast of toast, fruit and real coffee every day. Very civilised I thought, it almost made up for the RSI and brain death and subsidised the cost of lunch no end.

The latest is a little more varied and a little more money but I have to bring my own coffee. Also it is dangerously close to one of the student coffee bars and an abundance of danish pastries. Not good for the wallet or any hopes of ever being 7 stone wet through.

Anyway three weeks to go then I'm off home for a fortnight courtesy of a cheapie flight from Ryanair hopefully to take in some of the glorious Limousin autumn colour.


Stew said...

My wife, Fiona just popped out to pick up Briony from dance class. She says the other mums were looking at her odly as she jumped up at trees to get branches covered in gold and brown and yellow.

they now make a display in the lounge with a lamp cunningly hidden inside making them glow all warm, potiron & chataigne.

Breezy said...

Stew Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year the colours are just so beautiful. I bet Fiona's arrangement looks brilliant

softinthehead said...

Breezy didn't you know the worst to do when you go clothes shopping is to have something definite in mind - guaranteed you wont be able to find. I do sympathise - couldn't even BHS oblige? :) I am just envious of you being able to go shopping on that side of the Atlantic. We are also hoping to be back in the Limousin sometime in November -can you guarantee lovely weather and fall colours please?

Kitt said...

When I finally finished all my schooling and got my graduate degree, I was sad to move away from the vibrant university town. But now when I walk on a nearby campus, everyone looks like they're 12 and I have no desire to stick around and be ma'amed.

Sounds like mail-order is the way to go for that shirt.

Glad TS will be getting an air-mailed package soon, too!

Breezy said...

SITH I don't know about the weather after all I can't even come up with a T shirt!

Kitt being ma'amed sounds quite gentle and charming actually if a tad ageing

travelling, but not in love said...

Breezy, have you tried gap?

You have a great life though really, enjoying france and being able to head back and earn a bit of cash in the UK when needs must. I think many people would be (quite rightly) jealous...

Breezy said...

TBNIL No I haven't tried gap perhaps I'll give it a go. You're right I should be grateful for being halfway way to what I want I'll consider myself told to buck up. Trouble is I always want more!

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