Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Time flies

Denim necklace and bracelet set £37

Clarice necklace
Following tradition I should have been posting kittens as you got jewellery last time but, you know, jewellery sits still and lets you pose it. With the warm weather the cats have discovered the joys of hunting. No fly or moth can rest peacefully anywhere once the dynamic duo have it in their sights.  It plays havoc with the dogs nerves as they throw themselves at the walls and windows partly her own fault as she has always had a talent for being exactly in the way.

Looking at the date of my last post I can see I've been a bit idle on the jewellery front. I do have lots of projects on the go, in fact I think I'll have to get a bigger work in progress box, but mainly I've been playing (or making scrap depending on how you look at things). Also killing off my pasta machine and extruder I seem to be to tools what Uri Geller was to cutlery.

Anyway in with my playing I decided to try a bit of wirework which is where the denim set eventually came in when I finally got the knack of making even sized loops.

The Clarice necklace I was sorely tempted to keep for my hols even now I keep looking at the way the different colours swirl together I just love every little bead which is a bit immodest I know. Oh it's called Clarice because it reminds me of Clarice Cliff pottery at least the colours do.

So that's me then off to make more scrap and soothe the dog


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Johnnie said...

Hello - just wondered if all is okay as your great website seems to have disappeared! We have found it an incredible resource as we will be purchasing a house in Magnac Laval in 2012. Johnnie

Breezy said...

Hi Johnie

Yes sorry the web site is no more as we felt like frauds leaving it out there when we are no longer living in France full time. Glad it helped

Good luck with your move! SAy hello to the concrete sheep for me (it is Magnac Laval with the concrete sheep as traffic calming yes ? )