Sunday, 8 May 2011

More jewellery stuff

I had my first sale on MISI this week so I'm feeling all chirpy and appreciated. It was the daisy bracelet. In typical Breezy style I have spent the profits several times over so TS is now getting suspicious when I say this polymer clay, this honeysuckle for the garden, this book, this magazine subscription, this workshop, this copper it's from the daisy bracelet. I can't imagine why.

So I should be making something to replace it but the dog and kittens are conspiring against me today and demanding that I dole out cuddles and food and provide a comfy lap for snoozes. Even TS wants feeding at regular intervals how unreasonable is that? I can see I shall have to go into lockdown mode but the dog tippy tapping round the living room and the little meows and paws coming under the gap in the door will agravate and distract me and make me feel guilty.

Ah well I suppose I'd better mess around on the interweb then


Jen said...

Wonderful that you had your first sale but not wonderful that you've sold MY bracelet! Wish I'd known!!

I'm going click on the magical link I've just noticed and keep my eyes peeled for something similar!

Breezy said...

Thanks Jen

Pesky kittens allowing (kittens enamel powder and kilns are not a happy combination) I will be making something similar shortly as lots of people have told me they like the blue over the red. I'd be happy to make you one to order (well in for a penny with this selling stuff in for a pound)