Sunday, 17 February 2008

Happy Blogaversary To Me

Yes I have been blogging for a whole year today.

Strangely enough a year later and I'm in almost the same place but different.

I am staying at my brother's again (same brother, well only brother, different house) waiting to go off to France to fill our garden with food, do the house up etc. etc.

But another year older is another year wiser so I have been looking on e-bay at bits and bobs to take back with us like kitchen units that are strangely expensive in our bit of France where people don't chuck everything out and go for a new look kitchen, living room etc every few years.

I won't be taking umpteen packets of veg seeds, except I have already bought six on a whim yesterday but they were only 29p each so maybe I will. But I won't make the mistake of putting them in too early or trying to give plants a good start in crap compost. And I will plant some stuff that will produce food into the winter like chard. I'll also be planting squashes because I've discovered that I do like them to eat as well as to look at. I will not however, be trying to grow onions or leeks from seed. I'll buy a punnet of 50 little leeks for 5 euros and a bag or two of onion sets instead. I'll also buy pepper plants and chilli plants and probably tomato plants because we have nowhere warm and light enough to start them off.

I'll also be working on making the garden pretty as well as productive so that we can enjoy sitting out there even more. Whilst still feeling guilty that we're not doing up the house or something else useful.

All in all I'm just as excited as I was this time last year but I know a little bit more. Maybe I'll direct my energies better and finish some jobs. More likely I'll just find a whole new lot not to finish. At least we'll be starting off with heating, washing and cooking facilities even if we are still on the blow up bed. That has to count for something. Right?


Kitt said...

You must be so excited to be heading back home. Looking forward to your further adventures there.

softinthehead said...

I should have forwarded my awards sooner, just so you know I awarded you one over at my place.

softinthehead said...

I cannot believe you are looking forward to going back to a blow up bed!! I tried that for two weeks and was alsmost crippled afterwards. Plus it had to be pumped up each night - too much of a work out.

SpiralSkies said...

Happy BlogBirthday!

Sounds as if you're really looking forward to getting back to France and getting stuck into your veggies. Am most envious. Amazing how much one can learn in a year, considering they whizz by so quickly these days...

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Happy blogday to you,
happy blogday to you,
you've been blogging like a nutter
and we've been reading them too!

Great stuff old girl and I can hear the longing in your words for your adopted home. Hope you're stashing the cash big time and may the road rise up to meet you and get you home faster than you expected.

aims said...

Girl - it all sounds like a wonderful adventure to me! I envy you your ability to grow anything outdoors.

We all know you got tons done this past year and that this coming year will be just as productive!

As for the bed - you can't have everything...

Breezy said...

Kitt just not heading back soon enough (like yesterday)

SITH Thanks for the award. The blow up bed isn't one of those you do with a foot pump its sort of double thickness and has an electric pump and stays up for weeks at a time. It's really comfy and actually one of the best £25s we have ever spent

MOB you're a poet! Thank you

Jen my fingers are itching to get gardening. It's seeing a bit of sunshine that does it

Aims see above re the bed really I suppose we just feel silly not having a real bed as opposed to uncomfortable and how silly is that?

travelling, but not in love said...

So, heading back over the mighty manche then? How exciting...sounds like you need to bring tom and barbara with you though...I've always been more of a margo and jerry sort, myself.

And congratulations on the anniversary. I'm looking forward to reading the next twelve months.

Moonroot said...

Happy Anniversary!

dND said...

Happy Anniversary from me too!