Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sunday Blogger

Do you think it's a bit like a Sunday driver? Whatever I've no time to dawdle about on the leafy less travelled bits there's a queue forming behind me.

One PC and internet connection between three adults does lead to the tiniest bit of tension. My brother is looking at something to do with Leeds United or cheap holidays, TS is looking out for a bargain on e bay, I want to flit about and see what my imaginary friends in the blog world are up to. We all think the others are rubbish drivers hogging the middle lane of the information superhighway.

Anyway enough of the driving analogy already. It's not like I even like driving. It's just all padding because I can't think of anything to blog about. The times I can I'm at work, or walking the dog, or shopping or at the back of the PC queue.

I quite like getting the bus though especially if I can get a seat next to the window. Then I sit and day dream or notice that everyone outside is wearing black or everyone is looking miserable and walking really fast. Actually I notice quite a lot of other things about people but I don't want you to know what I bitch I really am.

But I will say

Boys - baggy jeans showing your undies - not a good look when you have a fat bum, even less so if you (or was it your Mum?) have tucked your vest in your undies

Just don't get me started on the girls


Kitt said...

Oh, bitch away! We're all thinking it, too, and you'll be validating us.

SpiralSkies said...

Vest in fat boy pants? Ew... bitching is almost too good for 'em!

travelling, but not in love said...

ha ha. I think the baggy jeans / pants showing thing is very funny.

Unfortunately, much like the girls showing their thongs thing, it is usually adopted by people without mirrors.

I saw a girl just the other day, sat down with her thong pulled up high, jeans pulled down low. She was a big girl, but that wasn't so much the problem as the colour of the thong.

It was best described as 'hot wash grey'...vile.

aims said...

LOL - oh my god! The comments are just as funny as the post!

I agree - bitch all you want!

Breezy said...

Actually I think the comments are funnier than the post. All of them. TBNIL hot wash grey thong? I feel your pain
Perhaps I should start a series of "The Sights You See When You Haven't Got Your Gun" to coin a phrase my friend's gran was fond of. It would certainly give me lots to write about while I'm a townie

softinthehead said...

Lovely to hear from you again. Thought you might have gotten lost over there. Great comments too. I just don't get the underpants above your jeans thing, I have two teenage sons and have had this discussion many times. It makes me laugh when they have to hunch over to put their hands in their pockets - to hold them up!! I must admit I don't get the thong thing either, but maybe I am just getting old, its comfort everytime. Keep bitchin'

Moonroot said...

Proof positive that even when 'it's all just padding because you can't think of anything to blog about' you still home in on the hilarious and have us all in stitches. Bravo!

Debra in France said...

I love people watching! Hairdressers have great bitching sessions 'cos we slag off the hair as well as the clothes. Our juniors all used to wear grey thongs and hipsters jeans, not an attractive look when the girl in question was overweight as well - why has a vision of a cheese wire sprang into my mind!

Anji said...

I always find it strange when I visit the UK that there are lovely clothes in the shops and a lot of people out and about are so drab.

I look out of the window when I'm on the bus too. Not many people do, we must have an open spirit or something like that.

Breezy said...

SITH well if you have two sons and can't get to the bottom of it what hope is there for me?

Moonroot you are just too nice Thank you

Debra - miaoww!

Anji it's funny you should say that about the clothes I actually saw a girl the other morning who was dressed up all in sort of a dusky rose/taupe colour she even had a cheeky little hat on I felt like applauding. Leeds just never used to look so dull and corporate

Anonymous said...

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