Saturday, 15 March 2008

Gardening by shopping

The collection of plants that we were not going to buy and take back with us is steadily growing. That is the size of the collection not the plants. Although I'm having to hang on tightly to my common sense here and not buy pots and compost to start some off.

We now have
Chilli pepper seeds which I absolutely positively was not going to bother with

Onion sets at least I didn't fall for the seeds again

A mixture of aubergine seeds which is a bit strange as neither of us like them over much but they are special ones and look pretty (they are so)

Some multi coloured chard which is actually a really sensible buy (honest) as I wanted some last year and couldn't find the seeds in France

Carrots and dwarf peas - they were a bargain couldn't pass them up

Mushroom seeds (or whatever it is that mushrooms have) well TS has always wanted some

Dahlias which I would normally say I don't like but I saw lots last year in big informal blousy patches as opposed to rows for competitions and cut flowers. So I'm changing my mind.

Gladioli - move over Dame Edna.

So far the investment has been modest and easy to rationalise. We could stop buying seeds just like that. It's not like we're addicted or anything.

Four weeks and counting


softinthehead said...

I can relate. Here we are covered in snow but I must get my tomatoes started - every year I leave it a little late. Hoping for zucchini (courgettes) and peppers again this year. Four weeks? Sounds like you will be returning to France around the same time as me. For my birthday my present to myself is a week in France hopefully seeing the commencement of our new roof! We can count down together.

Kitt said...

It's so much fun to plan for a big garden, and you will reap such great benefits from your investment now. How can you begrudge yourself a few tiny seeds that will grow into such delights?

The chard especially is so rewarding. (I love chard.)

aims said...

Four weeks!! Woohooooo!!

I envy you your gardening abilities girl......I'm sure your seeds are going to make you very happy in a few months..

travelling, but not in love said...

You need one of those Svalbard Norwegian seed depot things. That'd see you right.

And Gladiolis! I love Glads. Make me happy every time. How can you not love the flower that was embraced by both Dame Edna and Morrissey?

SpiralSkies said...

Ooh, aubergine-growing sounds brill. Four weeks eh? That's not long at all. Bet you can't wait!

Breezy said...

SITH I bet you can't wait. I'm hoping to actually get some tomatoes this year

Kitt you're leaning on an open door! What can be better all that potential at so little cost

Aims I don't know about ability but high hopes and lots of enthusiasm

TBNIL The car will look like one in minature by the time we load it up to go back.

Jen I hope they fare better than the one we got in a batch of pepper plants by mistake last year the slugs loved it. Four weeks sound not long or an eternity depending on which way the mood is swinging