Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Normal Service?

I've just noticed how rubbish my spelling is and those tippy tappy typing mistakes are creeping in all over.

It's the rush of city life folks it's taking me over and my poor little fingers just can't keep up. They want to be gardening fingers weeding and planting seeds and such or chicken wrangling fingers collecting eggs and giving out treats.

NOrmal service will soon be resumed I just thought I'd tell you since I somehow managed to get to work half an hour early and I don't have to impress anyone by actually looking like I'm going to start work before nine.

Temping - the pay is crap but you can be too


aims said...

Girl - when - oh when - do you get to go home again??

travelling, but not in love said...

I agree - you need to get back over here. France misses you. Well, at least there are some French chickens missing you. ha ha.

And you summed up temping pretty well - the pay is crap but you can be too. I love that 'it's only a temp job' attitude. I've applied it my whole 'career'.

SpiralSkies said...

Temping - the pay is crap but you can be too.

When we open our own agency, we'll adopt that as our motto, yes?

Breezy said...

Aims five weeks and counting since I foolishly agreed to stay long enough to look after my Mum while my brother is away

TBNIL I don't believe you I bet you are Mr Professionalism except when you are asleep of course

Jen absolutely. Now we just need a catchy name and the punters will be rolling in

Debra in France said...

That would be such a great motto!! Guest chickens are missing their mum and God of Chickens. Hurry home!

Breezy said...

Debra I've just been reading up on your blog how much you are spoiling them! We went to see another Debra's chooks on Sunday but that made us miss ours all the more

Rowan said...

You must be looking forward to getting back to France again - I love England but I have to admit that it hqasn't been all that inspiring just lately. Still, almost Spring now!

softinthehead said...

Breezy when is normal service going to be resumed? You are missed

Wooly Works said...

As always, your blog is like a quick chat with an old friend. Five weeks! That's an eternity to me, especially in the big city. I don't blame you for wanting to be digging the dirt and being the country girl again.

By the way, I just tagged you with a meme (what does that mean anyway?). Go to my blog for the rules and let's play!

Breezy said...

Rowan I'm really glad you are getting the chance to get out and about again. I'm itching to get back. At least I'll appreciate it all the more

Sith I'm missing being my usual self

Wooly Thanks for the meme that should give me a bit of inspiration at least. Four weeks and counting now!