Friday, 21 March 2008

Well what did you think?

Of course we went to the garden centre!

Added to my collection now is

salsify - because I have never tasted it but the name reminds me of the Beverley Hill Billies so of course we had to have it even if it does look suspiciously like parsnips

coriander - well with all these curries

hooligan pumpkins - these are mini pumpkins which grow to about 3 inches in diameter - perfect for stuffing and baking or microwaving apparently - they look so cute on the packet and even if they are yuk they will make great Halloween decorations (does that smack of over justification?)

lemongrass - curries

lots of salad leaves - because obviously this year we are going to have a long hot Summer and they will be absolutely essential

borage - essential for long cool drinks throughout the above mentioned long hot summer

Oh and cornflowers and helichrysums.

I think we may have enough stuff to be going on with now but with the tunnel is booked for the 14th so all too many shopping days to fill before then I'm afraid. Maybe we'll get snowed in and I'll be saved from myself


Imperatrix said...

Yum, lemongrass. We have some that we pot and bring inside every winter, and every spring we replant it. I think it's 5 years old now. Pretty hardy stuff.

Enjoy all your new seeds!

softinthehead said...

Hooligan pumpkins - I need to have some of those in my garden, no justification required with a name like that! Sounds like you had a great day out.

Kitt said...

You made the right decision! Lots of garden goodies to play with.

Once you plant that coriander you will find it coming up everywhere. Very useful.

(I always balk at having to buy fresh cilantro in the market; they only sell it in big bunches like parsley, when all I want is a pinch or two.)

aims said...


I take Borage Oil for my arthritis!

and the 14th? Of what? April? Oh la la!

Breezy said...

Imperatrix I'm glad the lemongrass is hardy believe me it will need to be

SITH if I'm honest the name was quite enough for me what a sucker I am for a good bit of marketing

Kitt we grew coriander last year and what I couldn't get over was the intensity of the taste compared to those poor little forced plants in pots that you get in the supermarket

Aims I didn't know it was good for arthritis. I mainly got it for the gorgeous blue flowers that look really pretty frozen in ice cubes for summer drinks and because the bees absolutely love it

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I have a confession to make - I love garden centres but I can kill grass if I am left to my own devices. My neighbour has a vegetable plot and their gardener grows diffirent things each year. There is always too much for them to use so we get whatever they have too much of. We had fab celery that I use in stir fry's and when I make my own chicken and beef stock. There was loads of stuff and sometimes we have to offload some of it to our other friends in the street so at least it doesn't go to waste. My wee Jack Russel loves a trot around their garden and last year he came back into our house and he smelled of coriander all day. It is my most favourite herb and he smell was amazing all day. Nice of the dog to baste himself in herbs, I wanted to eat him. Crikey if he had been living in a famine culture like North Korea he would have been someone's lunch!

travelling, but not in love said...

Hooligan pumpkins? I don't want to grow em, but I do want to eat em!

Wooly Works said...

So this is still the collection that you weren't going to buy? My, my it's growing, isn't it?

Hooligan pumpkins are one of the only things I've been able to grow with success. As a matter of fact, they took over the entire vegetable patch and we had buckets and buckets of them in the fall. Cornflowers? I'm so jealous of your talents. I love cornflowers!

Breezy said...

MOB there is nothing like freshly cut home grown stuff it makes the cooking easy because it always tastes great. Our chickens liked a nibble of the coriander - makes you think about ready to eat doesn't it? But we're just not made of the stuff that grows it's own animals for food

TBNIL judging by Wooly's comments we might be begging you to try

Wooly we'll talk talent if and when any of it comes up. Just can't wait to get started again