Saturday, 30 April 2011

Well I warned you

Bluebell Wood Necklace  - Sold
After a day watching the wedding though I'd no intention of doing more than checking out the highlights I'm back to inflicting my jewellery on you.

That and Dora and how beautifully she is growing up and her amazing copper coloured eyes

Dora Copper Eyes Priceless

I'd show you my new short haircut too but that would be just too much.


Kitt said...

Oh, that necklace is lovely. Such a pretty color.

Mickle in NZ said...

What a pretty necklace (and Aims will confirm that I'm not usually into blue.

Dora is a wee darling with such glorious eyes - she is very beautiful. I hope you enjoy your Bank Holiday on Monday,

Huggles and puRRRumbles from Mickle and Zebby Cat

Jen said...

I'm loving all the pics of your clever jewellery though the blue daisy bracelet is still my fave... when you start selling, I'll place an order for that one!!

aims said...

Her eyes are totally gorgeous! No wonder you like working with copper so much! Give her a hug for me and I'm thinking a wet sponge under TS's pillow for Max.....