Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Blending in

We bought a food processor/blender type thing the other week because we were going to eat healthy soups and smoothies and things well drink healthy soups and smoothies and things.

First Saturday big mistake we started the day off with a breakfast smoothie, lunch was a wholesome veggie soup this had the unsurpring effect that by teatime we were both  . . . well lets say we had to open the windows. OK lets tell it like it is we were farting like vikings. (apologies to any vikings out there but it is a turn of phrase that amuses us both greatly that we probably heard on some comedy somewhere apologies also to whoever's turn of phrase it was before we nicked it and used it and probably constantly misquoted it )

So we quickly cut back on the vegetation to the breakfast smoothie while our ancient digestive systems adapt. It might not seem like much vegetation to you but TS semi seriously told me tonight that he'd read somewhere that you could overdose on nuts so you get an idea of the baseline we are starting from here. This was incidently while he was eating a bun that had some of the flour replaced by ground hazelnuts which brings me to my next point.

Obviously the odd smoothie is not really a good return on our investment in the food smashing up/spinning round machine so in addition to smoothies it's moonlighting on cakes and scones and we are telling ourselves that they are bound to be healthier than shop bought ones.

Roll on the light mornings and nights so we can start cycling to work. Did I tell you we'd started cycling? Yes well that's another story. I did make a start on fitness by walking to work last Monday but I fell and had to go to A&E and get my ankle x-rayed it wasn't broken just soft tissue damage which I think is A&E code for what are you bothering us for. They did give me a nice leaflet with ankle strengthening excercises in though.

Oh and TS has confessed he had two smoothies this morning and by lunchtime he was letting rip with such ferocity he was startling the cats


aims said...

Oh Dear Dog!!

Breezy said...

yes sometimes you should be glad there is the Atlantic between us :)