Monday, 20 February 2012

Walking backwards to Christmas

Sunrise Robin Hoods Bay
So you've had the turquoise hair. You lucky people now for the pre-Christmas break.

Which you can guess by the photo was at Robin Hoods Bay. Bliss. Walks on the beach (I really like the seaside in Winter it's definitely at it's best). Despite TS buying a pick fossils for the extracting of, there was a complete absence of fossil finds not so much as a T-rex nor bugger all to be had.

I did see a seal swimming about under the sea wall which was nice and we walked along the cliffs to Boggle Hole and lets face it with a name like that it was practically compulsory. In the evenings we sat in front of an open fire and watched the Horror Channel, well it was that or the god botherers or teleshopping.

We got back to reality with only two shopping days to Christmas and I got the food and gifts in a mad two hour whirlwind tour of the White Rose Shopping Centre.

What it's nearly March already?


aims said...

See - talent everywhere! I mean really - Xmas shopping in 2 days and food and everything wrapped???

Breezy said...

2 days? Pah! 2 hours luvvy :)