Saturday, 18 February 2012

Well I was going to stop but then Aims . . . .

I have been too busy to blog, honest.
There was the craft fair at Christmas and I've got another one 1st March so all in all I don't seem to be finding time. Then Aims put some of her posts together as a short story and I thought about when I first found her blog and how much reading about the exploits of my imaginary friends cheered me up. Then I thought about how bloody miserable reading the Guardian makes me (but that's another blog post entitled I voted Lib Dem what the fuck was I thinking) . So I thought (yes lots of thinking but bear with me I'm out of practice) I could mostly give that up especially when TS could give me the edited highlights which he does anyway even when I'm reading the same article at the same time.
I could also stop watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory and Dr Who or even blog while watching them being that I know them off by heart. Well not quite, the old grey cells ain't what they used to be but they are still up for a bit of multi-tasking. So come here and give us a hug


No it;'s OK you don't really have to. It's an excuse for this picture of walking on the beach in Winter and gives me the chance to mention that we went to Robin Hoods Bay just before Christmas and in other news I got my fringe died turquoise. Now you're intrigued go on admit it


Kitt said...

I love the purple. Show us the turquoise!

aims said...

I know you wore bright colours in case you got lost or swept out to sea. That way they would see your body.......did you mention the Horror channel? :0)

Breezy said...

Kitt - I hear and obey

Aims - The Horror Channel? It was horrible :)