Tuesday, 27 May 2008


The train station at Limoges.

Rather nice eh? Debs at Us in France tells me it looks pretty good on the inside too. Maybe we'll go somewhere one day and find out.

I didn't even know it was the train station till we somehow got diverted round the one way system and came at it from a different angle.

This photo was taken the last time there was a hint of blue in the sky. Which feels like months ago but was probably last week.

The rain has meant constant slug patrols to guard the newly emerging carrots and newly planted out pumpkins and cucumbers. This entails me walking round the garden with my "slug tin" and a stick for maneuvering slugs into the tin. When the tin is full, or a slug looks like escaping I take it down to the woods and empty it. Well more accurately I fling the slugs as far into the woods as I can. TS takes a more direct approach and picks them up and flings them individually (urghhh).

Snails and little slugs get fed to the chickens (harsh but fair they eat our food so get eaten by the chooks who provide us with eggs so we still get our food, indirectly). I've mentioned before, I think, that our chickens won't eat the big really slimey slugs which is why the big slugs get flung instead. I don't know why I can't bring myself to directly kill them but it just doesn't seem right somehow.

No feeding to the chickens or flinging it's so much more humane.


Imperatrix said...

Oh, Breezy, you're just moving the same slugs day after day. I read in a gardening book once that a slug can travel *miles*!

If you don't want to squish them (which you shouldn't, really, because the smell of smushed slugs is attractive to other, live ones), then you can drown them in beer (cheap beer, of course!).

Then there is the salt alternative, But seems more painful, to me (pfft -- like drowning isn't?)

Breezy said...

Oh no!

TS suggests we drink enough beer that we forget about the slugs. Can you tell that he can not contemplate sharing his beer?Perhaps we should take them off in the car blindfolded so they can't find their way back?

aims said...

I didn't know about them travelling miles - and if that is the case - then I think the blindfolds are a good idea! Perhaps you could take them into town - a nightlife might keep them interested enough not to find their way back 'home'.

Debra in France said...

I have heard that slugs can find their way back to the original garden.

I have an absolute horror of slugs and have found that they LOVE salt. They froth at the mouth when you give them some, actually they just froth, everywhere.

Breezy said...

Aims They would probably just bring back all their drunken friends

Debra that is just yuk I know I'm soft about killing things but yuk!

Next door are putting out slug pellets she was telling me how good they are. I should of explained that we are biologique but I'm on a French words are hiding from me day