Monday, 12 May 2008

Will it won't it Shall I shan't I

Don't know how long I can hang around tonight the thunder is thundering in the distance which means the internet thingy will soon have to be unplugged or risk being fried.

It's been lovely and sunny today and once more the rain on the weather forecast seems to have moved back a day. May is a time of bank holidays and thunder storms and of me dithering about if I should water the garden or not. The sky looks awfully promising there could be lots of rain or it could just pass us by.

My seeds could be sad little dried up things or they could be floating away down the road. Decisions decisions.

I have also learned why lots of people round here have what look like little bus shelters over their tomatoes. For thunder storms can bring hail stones as well as rain. After running round the other day trying to cover mine up with bits of plastic while getting pelted with hail I shall have a bus shelter for mine next year. You live and learn.

Oh I almost forgot, we got stopped by the police yesterday whilst tootling about in Frogmella. It was most embarrassing as TS suddenly couldn't find first gear, or any other for that matter, to move to the designated being pulled up by the police spot. When we eventually got there and they asked for our documents we just shoved everything barring Sissy's pet passport at them.

The policeman tried and failed to speak English to us and we tried and failed to speak French to them so I guess we were quits. At least TS didn't break into Greek which he has been known to do under pressure a new twist on "it's all Greek to me". Incidently the equivalent Greek saying is it's Chinese. You really needed to know that didn't you.


Kitt said...

I did need to know that!

I don't know what the Chinese say it is, though.

What do you think you were pulled over for? I'm glad the language barrier was an advantage for once.!

Kitt said...

Oh, and put bamboo tepees over your tomatotes, and throw sheets over if it hails. (It does that here, too. A lot.)

travelling, but not in love said...

I find pulling out an english license and pretending that my french doesn't go beyond the very basic works every time.

I think they just look at an english license and see the paperwork they'd have to do....all too much trouble.

But I did get a speeding ticket in Holland last week....

Anonymous said...

Is TS greek or something? Why else would he know that? There aren't a whole lot of us in Diaspora but I am one also....

And yes, I find when panicked my brain scrambles through a variety of languages, none of them the right one for the situation usually!

V. in America

Breezy said...

Kitt bamboo teepees now that's an excellent idea we have more bamboo than we know what to do with

TBNIL maybe you're right it was all too much trouble I think the stop was due to us driving round in circles in a beaten up old car. Perhaps they then just decided we were acting strange because we were daft

Hello V no TS isn't Greek but he learnt some Greek and about Greece because we spent quite a few holidays there and he loves the place and the people. I think the Chinese thing he picked up when we stayed on Symi and we got to know a couple with a todler who babbled away as todlers do and they told us he was speaking chinese

Wooly Works said...

Hello Breezy! I've finally caught up with you since you went home. I've read all the way back to where I had to break off. I'm sure you're delighted to be back home with your garden and your Dinner Ladies, who are up to their old tricks. My mother used to put coffee cans over her tomatoes until they were big enough to withstand the weather--we get a lot of hail here as well. We were never as heroic gardeners as you, however.

Thank you for doing the 7 facts thing. How are with Debra's geese? Do they throw you into a panic? I've seen the AirBook ads, too, and I have gadget envy. It's too cool to be real!

Hope all else is well and that your foot has healed from stepping on the nail. By the way, great car!!!

Wooly Works said...

Oh, I just looked at your website! I like it. How did I miss that before?

aims said...

Oh Breezy! You make my day! I can always count on something a little different from you!

So yes - the question is - is TS Greek?

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I learned to speak Creole which is a Mauritian coloquial language based on French - I was married to a Mauritian guy many years ago. I have done exactly the same as TS and used it under pressure when in a foreign country! It's the stress and your poor old brain trying to help you out in an emergency!

Jeeze I am exhausted just reading your post about how busy you are! I am green with envy at your courage to move abroad and stay the course no matter what. Wish I had it.

Breezy said...

Wooly glad you liked the web site and that someone else shares my lomging for an airbook/ I think your coffee cans must be bigger over there if they can cover tomatoes. I am not worried about Debra's geese as they are still really cute and have not got to the hissing wing flapping stage yet hmm we'll see I may be converted.

Aims no TS is not Greek, having a Norwegian somewhere in his ancestry he looks about as far away from Greek as you could get, unfortunately he picked up a short gene from the Welsh side of the family

MOB You are right I think the brain just says they are speaking foreign lets reply in foreign it's the best we can do. TS says it reminds him of Homer Simpson when he says "right brain you don't like me and I don't like you but we need each other" I don't know about brave though I think it's more of a case of starting something and just keeping on doing it, we are more going wih the flow than swimming against the tide sort of folks