Wednesday, 2 July 2008

I will say this only once

I know it's another kitten photo but this one of Eddie was just so good I can't resist.
I have a confession to make. the French lessons have fallen by the wayside due to TS having work that pays money. It's a shame but given the choice of eating and paying bills or sitting ecoutez-ing and répétez -ing it's no contest. However, all is not lost because we are plowing on with the Michel Thomas CDs. He has cleared up a lot of mysteries for me and I might finally be finding a French voice.
Than again.
Yesterday the phone rang I said "Hello". Like you do, you are perhaps thinking. But no it's not just a random choice of word it's for two reasons.
One it's probably someone English ringing and
Two if it's not then it's easier all round if the person on the other side of the phone doesn't start off with any great expectations about having a conversation.
It was a French lady so I did my usual "I'm sorry I only speak a little French but if you speak slowly then perhaps I will understand"
She asked if we had a freezer I proudly confirmed we did, Because we have. A bargain buy the other week for the princely sum of twenty euros that is so old and noisy it has to live in the barn but it makes stuff cold, really cold.
Anyway she was from a frozen food company and would we like to buy some with free delivery. Thinking of the portion of curry and brown sliced loaf that are the sole beneficieries of all the freeezy coldness going on in the barn I expressed guarded interest.
Well the upshot of the shooting my mouth off in French is that they are turning up on a Friday between 9 and 10 and may or may not be making a delivery of some stuff that may include salmon, scallops, ice cream and cauliflower. Or that could of been an example of an order. Oh and I'm not altogether sure which Friday either.
But I will be receiving a free recipe book.
I think.


Kitt said...

And a side of beef! Woohoo!

softinthehead said...

Uh oh!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You really should collect all these (mis)adventures in French language and publish them. What a hoot your tales of confusion are


Breezy said...

Kitt could be anything though she mostly seemed to be mentioning fish. A whole shark perhaps or a swordfish complete with sword? The freezers' not that big

SITH Exactly

Imperatrix it would be a BIG BIG book!

travelling, but not in love said...

I hope the contents of the dcleivery will be so bizarre and random that you'll feel the need to LEARN MORE FRENCH!

Bad Breezy. Go back to class....

Breezy said...

TBNIL twas not bizzare at all salmon, scallops and ice cream between 9 and ten this Friday but frightfully expensive!So my lesson is learnt. BUT I have no time to go back to class. So it's just me and Michel Thomas for the foreseable future

travelling, but not in love said...

Oh well - enjoy the food. It sounds good, despite the cost.

Have you seen the I-Tunes ear worms? They're cheap (a fiver?) and really good for learning useful bits of languages.

Rowan said...

This made me laugh:) Glad something along the lines of what you thought actually turned up anyway.
Also laughed at the two previous posts especially Ernie and his water dish.

Breezy said...

TBNIL I've just been listening to a demo I fear I would very quickly go mad (or madder or more mad)

Rowan the fascination with the water dish continues I'm begining to suspect that Ernie is not too bright