Saturday, 12 July 2008

Stan Stan he's our man

Those wonderfully well travelled chickens of ours the Dinnerladies are on holiday again.

Like all the best holidays there is deluxe accommodation, great scenery and a little bit of holiday romance.

Meet Stan. Quite dashing isn't he? He lives at our friend's house and only has one wife a very glamourous looking copper marran. He escorts her around the place pointing out to her the choicest titbits of food. They make a lovely couple. Except now she's gone broody and left him to his own devices. He was finding it all a bit depressing really.

So enter the Dinnerladies. What they lack in glamour they make up for in quantity. Stan certainly thought so, when he spotted them across the lawn in the chicken run. He couldn't get over there fast enough. It was like he'd been starving and we'd offered him bread or erm something along those lines.

We worried how they might react to each other as we opened the gate to let him in. Would there be trouble and pecking orders to be established? No need. Once in the run he struck virile poses while the Dinnerladies gathered round to admire him. You could almost hear Dolly saying "ooower he's a bit of alright isn't he Jean?"

An hour or so later our girls were back to scratching around and exploring their new run while Stan proudly stood guard.

Although I don't know how Mrs Stan is going to react when she decides to emerge from her nest in the barn.

We will be joining the Dinnerladies on vacation in a couple of weeks as our friend is moving back to the UK and we are going to stay at her house so we can empty ours out and varnish the floors. But we felt so sorry for Stan we just had to send them on ahead


Kitt said...

Lucky Stan! He's a stud, alright.

Wooly Works said...

Ooooh, he's a handsome chap! How good of you to broaden his horizons. Your Dinnerladies sound like a perfect harem to compliment his masculine bearing. When Mrs. Stan emerges with her new little brood, I'm sure she'll reign supreme as the producer of the heirs and heiresses to his little chicken kingdom.

Breezy said...

Well our girls certainly liked the look of him Kitt

Wooly well she is very glam Yes she will be number one wife. You've got me thinking now of Yul Brynner in the King and I. Stan always looks quite dignified like he's strolling along with his hands behind his back

aims said...

He is gorgeous! I'd be clucking over him too!

travelling, but not in love said...

I hope Jean has been doing her pelvic floor exercises - Dolly's is as tight as a bulldog clip, apparently....

Rowan said...

I have to say that Stan is a very dashing chap - must have set hearts fluttering when the Dinner Ladies spotted him. I imagine Mrs Stan will be less than delighted when she discovers her rivals:) Glad you got your septic tank sorted - not the ideal way to spend a wet afternoon though!

Breezy said...

Aims the photo doesn't do him justice he is even more handsome in real life

TBNIL Obviously a Dinnerladies fan. I'm sure they will all be doing everything they can now they are all very taken with him

Rowan it's fascinating to watch him try food out then call to them to come and eat it. He scolds them when they come over to see us but of course our girls take no notice. He is very mild mannered for a cockeral. Just as well really

travelling, but not in love said...

As Stan would say - stand back ladies, this is a job for a scrotum.