Sunday, 10 April 2011

And the winner is

Blue Daisies Bracelet
In the end the daisies won. That's if they are daisies they remind me now of those lovely blue wild geraniums which I have always vowed to grow and never got round to. The patinas and the links have given me a boatload of new ideas to try out. It's no wonder it takes me so long to make stuff I'm forever skipping along thinking of the next thing I could do.

Isn't it hard to take a picture of your own arm!

You can see from the blue green patina I finally got my ammonia. By the way have any of you seen the Travel Lodge ad with the teddy bears? Is the pink one in the ice cream cone really saying f**k off ? Surely not.

Right off to wash my hair and get depressed about Monday and going to work.

ps added Monday    -    Re- reading this I realise I sound completely manic sorry no excuse

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aims said...

Love 'em Love 'em Love 'em.
(going off to pout now)