Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cats and Blogs

No the title doesn't mean anything but then again does it ever? It mainly means I was thinking about blogging and to be honest I've not a lot to say except about jewellery and the cats and you've already had jewellery this week.
 I don't like to blog about work because well I'm at home now and though it's a rich untapped seam of comedy capers it's not nice to talk about people behind their backs. Especially people who might sack you. Hell now I'm tempted !
Work does come into it a bit because I decided to share some pics which TS sent to cheer my working day (which I looked at in my break of course!)

I suppose the reference to sponges and bottle tops needs explaining ? For some reason Max is under the impression that washing up sponges are his natural prey. He hunts them down wherever they hide then runs round the house with them in his mouth growling. The sort of thing that other people's cats do with mice. He likes his sponges succulent, that is fished out of the washing up bowl as wet as possible, so that he can cause maximum mayhem running round soaking everything in sight. Our bed being the favoured final resting place.
His other main obsession is beer bottle tops. The minute you open a bottle of beer he swoops in and runs off with the top. It disappears in the time it takes to reach for a glass though usually it reappears upside down when you are walking round the house in bare feet looking for the washing up sponge. I did tell you Max was TS's cat didn't I?
Dora of course is perfect

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