Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Cube

I went looking for ammonia on Friday to get a blue/green patina on copper. Could I find any? Well obviously not or I wouldn't of mentioned it. Whilst wondering round the shops chuntering to myself about not being able to buy basic things because greedy b*****d supermarkets wanted to repackage basic stuff and make us buy 50 different cleaning products at 10 times the price and the world wouldn't be in the mess it's in if everyone didn't fall for it I spotted something called a cat cube. I had got myself into the kind of mood where I thought they'll probably get just as much pleasure from a cardboard box,  but them remembered Max's unfortunate habit of peeing in cardboard boxes.

I should have known it was going to be trouble when I undid the packaging and it sprang out like one of those self inflating lifeboats and smacked me in the face. This was at work so at least someone got a laugh out of it. It's sort of a springy wire and cloth type thing with cat sized holes on three sides and it defied all my attempts to get it back in the packaging so I finished up kind of screwing it up and securing it with elastic bands then sat on the bus waiting for it to explode out of my bag all the way home.

Dora liked the look of it and sort of went in and out of the holes and batted the bits of tape around, thought it might be a good thing to sleep in then along came Max. He promptly evicted her and claimed it for his very own boys toy. Initially it was just a case of storing his collection of beer bottle tops in there and repelling Dora as she attempted to get back in which he did at the cost of one of his bottle tops. Dora tried tempting him out by batting the top around the floor. This is where the trouble really started for whilst trying to get his top back but keep at least his bum in the cube he discovered that it was mobile. Thus began the reign of terror,  nothing quite freaks out a semi senile old dog who lives up to the name of Sissy like a bright orange cube with claws hurtling across the livings room

The cube is coming to get you
 Especially when it blocks the path to the door
Are you feeling lucky dog?


aims said...

Truly hysterical!

I'm still laughing!

Kitt said...

Hahaha! That's so cute. Great pics, too. Poor Sissy.

aims said...

btw - Love your etsy shop! That copper necklace - Stunning!!

I am so jealous.