Thursday, 8 March 2007

Are We There Yet? No!

It's now day eight of the seven to ten days wait for the pet passport blood test results.

We have rung the vets three times. The first was last Friday to make sure they had the right number to ring us when the results came, the second yesterday day seven and then again today. No doubt we'll be ringing again tomorrow too and the day after that and . . .

Well lets hope not.

So a bit sparse on the news to report front. Except we are all packed up now even to the point of a ready filled (with cat litter) litter tray in Borg's huge cat basket. Just in case we don't have as much room in the trailer as we hoped the boxes have been sorted into essential and could wait for Martin to bring.

The car has been tweaked to a peak of goingness and the Eurotunnel web site is being perused hourly as we calculate and recalculate possible departure dates. I have even been dreaming about booking tickets so there is just no escape. Lawrence has been dreaming about Kung Fu fighters throwing ballroom dancers at each other I just wish he'd concentrate on the matter in hand.


tea and cake said...

Ooh, Karen, I hate waiting for things, too!
I just submitted my OU assignment last night, electronically. So,you'd think they could give me an instant answer, no?
Better than that we have to wait until June for our new grand-daughter to arrive!
Good luck,hope you hear today at the very least.
What is the Most Quickest time you can get off, than?
Can't wait for hear from you in France. kaz xx

Karen said...

Submitting OU assignments electronically? Didn't have that when I was a lass. Waiting for a new little person that's a whole lot harder I bet.
We hope to get sorted on Monday and if we can get a crossing we'll be going through that night. Then I'll have lots to say and no time to say it instead of the other way round