Monday, 5 March 2007

Shopping and Shaolin Cat Handling

Still on the shopping in lieu of moving we again went in search of the elusive 99p blueberry bushes. No joy. Although we did see the very empty basket where they had been on sale in Sowerby Bridge which is the closest we've come.

We bought Borg a rather fetching collar in a luminous motorway maintenance green so he can't be mistaken for a stray when we move. He's trying to decide if we're taking the p***. We can tell that by the way he's laid on the sofa twitching the tip of his tail and giving us hard stares. We've put an address tag on but if we were taking the p*** we'd of left the bell on too. He complains to the management when he spots a mouse or a bird, so no need for a bell. He's also got a new litter tray with a rim on that will allegedly stop him kicking litter where we can walk on it in our bare feet.

He's been quiet the last few days since his blood test. I think he's in shock. The vet nurses had obviously trained at the Shaolin Cat Handling School. They had him out of his box, neck shaved, chip checked, blood taken and back in the box in less than a minute. In his younger days he would of showed them a move or two of his own, perhaps a no shadow kick or two complete with Bruce Lee yowls. He must be getting mellow.

Oops Heroes is starting got to go

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