Friday, 2 March 2007

Pesky Crows

Tasha is well pleased with herself this morning she has sneaked under the duvet and had a lie in followed by a walk where she sorted out crows and shouted at other dogs, then a visit to Grandmas to play with the squeaky toy. As a bonus the fire is on full blast due to Lawrence being under the weather so she can lie in front toasting her belly. Her life is complete.

Crows are Tasha's pet hate. This is because she's a dog who takes herself seriously and a crow once made her look foolish. This was about five years ago, but she knows how to bear a grudge.

We were walking along by the side of the canal when a crow landed in front of her. Of course it had to be chased because Tasha's mission in life is to be in charge. It obliged by flying away as it should and Tash congratulated herself on a job well done. Unfortunately, being a crow it had a sense of humour and flew round in a circle to land behind her to be chased off again and again by an increasingly frustrated bossy little dog.

So crows are the enemy (even worse than turbo-squirrels but that's another story), whether they're seen perched on a lamp post or at the side of the motorway from the car, they have to be cursed and chased if at all possible. Pesky crows.

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