Saturday, 3 March 2007

Sea Holly is Not a Blueberry Bush

Irene is now the proud possessor of a Victoria Plum tree which we picked up from Lidl for her this morning. There was no sign of any blueberry bushes so Lawrence bought some sea holly. Well it's a plant and it's blue.

Not to be outdone in the money spending fest I bought Kitchen Garden magazine. No that's not edible either but it had a free packet of cucumber seeds on the front. Again cucumbers aren't edible according to Lawrence except maybe in Greek salads and then only in Greece.

Anyway it's my favourite magazine being that it caters to three of my current obsessions gardening, chickens and beekeeping. Theoretical of course but it's all there bulging in my head just waiting to be put into practice. Perhaps I should be buying one of those celebrity magazines though as we're starting to sound like a right pair of old farts when we're watching tv and I had no idea who half the folk were on Strictly Come Dancing. My mother has more idea than me despite only intermittently knowing what day it is.

The tree in the pic by the way is in Samaria Gorge, Crete

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