Thursday, 15 March 2007

Are We There Yet? YES

So finally we set off Tuesday night and now I'm bringing you the latest news courtesy of Cheryls PC.

Our 12 hour drive turned into 18 hours because we missed our check in but we don't care cos we're HERE.

We are on a blow up bed surrounded by all our junk and the dust from Lawrence and Martin's last DIY with the dogs for furry hot water bottles and the cat for a bed cap but we don't care cos we're HERE.

I'll tell you all about it later but now I'm sorry to say we're off shopping, a vacuum cleaner for the dust, some coat hangers and some washing line to make a wardrobe we could of brought them but we preferred the books.

Aurevoir mon petites


tea and cake said...

Bonjour! (is the only Frech I got at the moment, courtesy of my daughter)

Can we learn French as you learn it?

Yay, Woo,woo, WoW You are over THERE!

Anji said...

Good luck in your new life. We've been here for 22 years and don't regret a minute!!

LJP said...

Good luck. I'm sure the dust and blow up mattress will all be a distant memory soon!!

Julia Buckley said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog and thought I'd say hi. What an exciting challenge you've got! Good luck with it. I'll be checking back to see how you get on.

Karen said...

Kaz - my most useful phrase so far is je ne comprend pas (I do not understand) closely followed by desolate je ne parle pas bien le francais (sorry I do not speak french well)I am quite good at ordering pastries and sticky buns though so we will not starve!

Anji - thanks for the good wishes I feel both like we got here yesterday and we've been here forever I love it!

ljp - still got the blow up mattress but at least the dust is on the way out

Julia - Thanks for visiting hope you call back soon