Sunday, 11 November 2007


Just noticed this is post number 100 unfortunately it's not anything more momentus than any other post.
In fact it is an untimely post, a lost in the post post because these are pictures that I took months ago and have been meaning to post but never quite got round to.
We took these heading back from the open all hours tabac/restaurant/grocers/boulangerie(we also sell flowers) some time in the summer.
These two dolmens are a couple of kilometres from Blond and probably about a km away from each other. We go past the one in the middle of the field as opposed to the one in the middle of the fence quite often now and I always shout a mental hello to it.
On this occasion having just been to the open all hours tabac/restaurant/grocers/boulangerie (we also sell flowers). Have I mentioned the Patron has a look of GGGranville about him?
Anyway having just been to the above mentioned emporium and remembering Hedgewizard's excellent advice that you can't have too many friends we left some bread at each and kind of said hello to some people who lived here before us.
Which I suppose actually makes this post not as late as it might at first appear. Given that we have just had Halloween and today is Rememberence Day.


Jen said...

Dolmen have such a sense of serenity about them, don't they?

There was a lovely one hidden away in Jersey that I used to visit but, somehow, I always felt I was intruding.

Thanks for reminding me :0) X

Breezy said...

These feel sort of friendly peaceful really. At least on a nice bright summer's day they do

Sephe said...

Like the site and the photos...sure you don't miss the UK at all though???

Breezy said...

Hi Sephe Thanks
No I don't miss the UK. I do miss some people but that's it really.

Rowan said...

You are lucky to have these wonderful dolmens right on your doorstep, I'd visit them all the time if they were near me - leaving an offering was the right thing to do, this was a really appropriate post for the time around Samhain.