Monday, 5 November 2007

One Goes Mad in France

Mousie invited me to play a game. Basically you enter your name into Amazon Search and see what books come up. This was my favourite - Breezy Broadstairs

Actually it's "An ephemeral guide to Broadstairs with black and white drawings and advertisements for local businesses of the period" but it was the name I loved it conjours up (for me at least) heroines of days gone by, a mix of Joyce Grenfell and Margaret Rutherford striding round the countryside. I did want Joyce Grenfell playing WPC Ruby Gates in St Trinians to illustrate my point but alas I couldn't find a clip of her. You'll have to make do with the This

Thank you Mousie for Breezy Broadstairs she has given me hours of fun today while I chopped wood and chased chickens in my new persona.

Well TTFN chaps off to make coffee and put some more wood on the bally old fire what ho

Try the game you'll like it

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Mousie/Paisible said...

that's such a great fun we had...i love this type of old books and had much fun with the video...reminded me of tv when i was in England years and years ago...(worked from july 1966 to june 1967 in Taunton (somerset)
very good memories...didn't understand all the words on the film but had much much fun...thank you dear...