Thursday, 15 November 2007

The Washing Machine Does Not Go Round and Round

I don't want to bore you with how much I love the way this place looks just now (but I will anyway). This is the chemin this morning.

It is COLD today. I can't tell you just how cold because the thermometer is under the lean to and now I've thought about looking it's too dark to see it. But when I brought the washing in it stood up by itself which is usually the way it is before I wash it.

More so now because the wonderful clothes washing machine has decided not to be wonderful anymore and won't go round and round no matter how much I slam the door or kick it or twirl the programme thing or switch the plug on and off. I think it's dead.

I have checked the obvious things like fuses and sockets and I'm reluctant to experiment further. Not least because it's in the cellar and it's dark and cobwebby down there and I keep hitting my head on the beam. All in all it's the kind of job you need Tech Support for. I shall put it on his list right after the new chicken run.

After weeks of cursing them I felt really sorry for the chooks today, they just didn't like the frozen ground at all. In fact it depressed them so much that they only escaped once. They got pasta and tomatoes for tea but even that didn't cheer them up and they went off to bed half an hour earlier than usual.


Debra in France said...

I can't believe that you have taken this photo as well! I took vertually the same one when we went chestnut gethering the other day. It does look lovely though.

Breezy said...

I just can'y get enough of it! I walk Sissy down there every day and every day I just stand and stare

Jen said...

That is SUCH a gorgeous photo. Have you tried showing it to the chickens? It might perk them up.

Sorry about the washing machine. Look on the bright side - if it gets any colder, you'll have to wear all your clothes at once and be unable to do any washing 'til Spring anyway.

Stiff's the new black, doncha know?


Breezy said...

I don't know Jen I do find that Michellin woman look a bit hard to carry off

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

That picture is amazing - such beauty.

I hate it when technology buggers up especially my washing machine, car or dish washer.

Just caught up on your blogs - I wasn't around for a while. Too emotionally overwrought after writing my last two but one blogs! Silly old bigger that I am getting all weepie for something that I put into words!

Anyway, great to read your fabulous blog again and I always get a chuckle from it.

Put your washing in the bath and chuck those chickens in. They'll be so busy trying to get out that you'd think you had washed your clothes in a machine by the time they've finished! Either that or you might look like you shredded your stuff - try it on the Tech Support stuff first!

Breezy said...

Well you have obviously been putting your brave face on too much over the years. I'm sure you will start to heal now it's out there. I hope so I find your writing stunning.

If we had I bath I would give the chicken washing machine a try what an image that conjours up I wish I could do cartoons!

Anonymous said...

Hi - we have just returned from the Limousin (in fact up at the crack of dawn with jet lag!) and yes that picture definitely does it justice. We experienced the unusual cold and frosty but beautiful mornings last week. The colours are just so "soft" - that is the only word I can think of to describe them. We closed on our "project" last week and spent a couple of days out with shears (?) and saws cutting back the undergrowth, perfect weather for it. Keep posting the pictures so that back here in Canada I don't forget why we got ourselves into this!! Thanks - maybe "softinthehead" should be my blog, if I knew how to set one up!!

Breezy said...

SITH (for short - working name till you do set up your blog which is really easy by the way just go to the way from Canada wow!

So glad you were here to experience the absolutely prettiest time of the year (so far anyway) I'm sure when the snow comes that will be magical too. Just try stopping me posting pics!

softinthehead said...

Breezy - thanks to you I am now officially "softinthehead".

Breezy said...

Happy New Blog SITH you'll have to be strong in the arm too for your project