Wednesday, 4 April 2007

We have telecommunications!


Yes we have telephone (when it feels like it) and an internet connection. I just have to spend a couple of hours with the dictionary to find out how it all works. You can speak to someone in english to sign up but all the destructions are in french.

So let me fill you in with all the coming and goings at Chez Nous.

We spent two days cleaning up dust and rubble and finding somewhere to put everything and outside the sun was shining and the weather was glorious. Then we turned our attention to the garden and making a start out there and the clouds gathered and it got colder and colder and then it snowed and then it got even colder.

Techsupport was sleeping in his woolly hat and the cat was not amused even the dogs had sleeping bags. We now know the value of roof insulation and that is definately somewhere on the to do list before next winter.

Then the day came to pick up Martin from the airport so of course the weather was glorious again and so far since it's not been bad although Madame next door tells me it will rain for the next month.

Progress in the house - cellar cleared of the rubble from the concrete living room floor, cooker and fridge obtained and working. Shower, toilet, kitchen and bathroom sinks and hot water heater obtained and tantalising us with the prospect of civilised living when we work out french plumbing.

Progress in the garden - early potatoes, carrotts, onions, garlic, lettuce, rockett, radishes, spring onions and raspberries planted. Leeks, sweetcorn, chives, basil, perilla, peas and beans sown in pots under cloches. There is a mole but so far he has been polite enough to come up between rows of things.

Out and about - there are lots of lambs and calves in the fields, we've seen red deer just 50 yards down the lane and all sorts of birds of prey. The lizards are starting to come out to sun bathe on the walls it's definately spring.

So lots more news and pictures to follow but now I've got to go get the fire going again

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Anji said...

Whew, I feel exhasted after reading that. We're promised sunshine over Easter weekend. Hope you get some of the same.