Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Pet Passports the Hour Approaches - Lidl Special Offers

So of course I can't settle down to doing anything constructive today because I've convinced myself that at least one of the gang will fail. Probably the cat just for spite. That will put us back a month and I want to go NOW.

Wait till I'm waiting for the results I'll be really useless.

Besides, they are selling blueberry plants at Lidl for 99p from Saturday (a nice person posted about this on River Cottage but don't tell anyone else or there won't be any left) and we want blueberries for the garden and we could buy them and take them with us. Otherwise we just have to go buy some for Irene's garden and then Martin will be telling us how many blueberries they got and even worse how good the pies were.

The shopping is of course a replacement for doing stuff so that we can feel like we're moving toward our goal. The practical alternative is looking things up we might want to buy on t'internet this is a lot cheaper so here's a link to Lidl online to save you going in and spending money. Don't say I never give you anything.

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