Friday, 15 June 2007

Back to Reality

I've calmed down now about the whole preserving thing so I won't be rushing out to spend money or anything equally rash. Thanks to everyone for bringing me back down to earth.

Every now and again I am overcome with "My life would be complete if only I had ..." For the last two years it has been "if only I was at my house in France" now I'm here it's moved onto consumer goods.

I don't want to come over all maudlin, sentimental and platitudy but really my life is complete when we're walking the dogs in the woods, grazing on the raspberries and peas in the garden (yes we have raspberies and peas! but not enough to make it to the kitchen yet), playing with the kitten, having a drink and a laugh with friends etc etc none of which is available at the shops.

So I have reconnected with my inner yorkshirewoman and today it's checking out the barn to see if we can make owt for nowt.

You see the barn is stacked up with all sorts of odds and sods left by the previous inhabitants mainly wood but also old tools with handles that have been completely eaten by wood worm, an old woodburning stove that we can't get to for the wood, all sorts of things that could make my life complete.


Anonymous said...

i ve spent many a happy day in that there barn of yours and have moved everthing up over and across there is proberly nothing of any good for the use it was made for but a clever couple like youselves can come up with other uses for them i think your can have days of fun redesigning your assetts may be the inventive comment makers could give you some ideas along this thought trend

Anonymous said...

hi how much porridge oats do you want bring over

Hedgewizard said...

Yup - owt for nowt. I'm making a chicken tractor today and have - very reluctantly - forked out for three lengths of wood. Oh, the humanity! All the rest of it is made from spit and shit.

Karen said...

Martin BIG bag of oats & don't forget the UK adaptors

Hedgewizard - post a pic when you've finished it so we can steal your design

Imperatrix said...

oooh, that barn sounds like a treasure hunt!

Enjoy it!

Debra in France said...

I love your barn, it is a real treasure trove. As you know we have a wonderful garden bench made from some of your wood and some bits of our trees. We had nothing but cobwebs and a mouldy wardrobe left in ours. xx

Kitt said...

Sounds like bonfire time!

Hedgewizard, a chicken tractor? How do you get the chickens to pull it?

(Oh, I know! You use pullets!)

Karen said...

Debra As you know I am incredibly jealous of that bench. Another thing on TS's list of jobs

Kitt You sound just like my brother bonfire indeed! It might all come in handy