Thursday, 7 June 2007

Fairy Elephants

We've spent most of the day kitten proofing the house ie blocking up all the kitten sized holes in the floor so she doesn't fall into the cellar (she needs to paint a few fences before she's ready to take on those mice).
Tasha is still besotted and it still isn't mutual.
Given the freedom of the living room. Mo has mastered the running about like a fairy elephant (as my mother would say) so we can look forward to some sleepness nights listening to the thud of tiny kitten feet.
She has killed miscellaneous bits of fluff and invisible enemies and is now sleeping the sleep of the victorious under the sofa.
Don't you hate it when people go on about their babies.


soleil said...

your kitten is so cute!

Anonymous said...

as your mother said whats sort of name is mimo

Anonymous said...

i m sure it will end up with a few scars fighting the spiders in your house never mind the mice

Karen said...

Soleil Thank you yes she is impossibly cute but then she's a kitten that's her job

Martin Mi-Mo suits her We'll start her off with a few easy bouts probably Sissy

Karen said...

By the way it rhymes with Nemo