Saturday, 2 June 2007

We all Have a Dark Side

I was ambling about in the garden today wondering when we would get something to eat out of it (beyond leaves). Thinking well the new potatoes might be ready soon which would be the makings of a substantial meal. I stopped to watch the chickens a bit.

They were doing chicken stuff mainly scratching at the soil and stepping back to see if they'd unearthed anything and chasing the one who managed to get the biggest bug. This got me to thinking about how free range chicken legs are meatier and tastier because they get to do that too rather than being crammed into a barn where they can't move around.

Do you know where I'm going with this?

Yes I'm afraid so. I began to look at "our girls" as food. Not that I would ever eat them no of course not perish the thought. But I might consider eating a chicken that I owned. In fact I might feel more comfortable doing that than eating a chicken that hadn't scratched about in the sunshine and fresh air and had a chance to be a chicken.

Scarey thought for a townie.


Hedgewizard said...

Likewise. All I'm waiting for is to get hold of some point of lays to replace our girls, and they're toast... well, not toast really. Soup, possibly.

Karen said...

I think I would have to get a new lot who were just destined for the pot. The Dinerladies I think will be with us till they fall off their perches

Ken Albin said...

We've been vegetarians for 15 years and haven't missed meat a bit.

Karen said...

Hi Ken We eat less and less meat and pay more attention to where it comes from but giving up altogether? probably not

Chandira said...

I'm also mainly veggie, and have a huge respect for people that actually contemplate eating their own chickens, for the same reasons, probably. That takes courage, and if you can do that rather than eating plastic wrapped anonymous body parts, fair play to you!

I'd love some chickens, for the eggs and company. I always get chicken-envy when I come across people like you who have your own.. I'm trying to convince my husband to get some..

Karen said...

Ah Chandira talk him in to it they are so much fun. You can always hear them muttering away when you're in the garden it's such a peaceful contented sound