Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Finding Mimo

Busy doing nothing. One of my favourite songs and our theme tune for this week
Except TS has made these rather good shelves from some planks he found in the barn we are debating whether to paint them to match the rest of the kitchen or leave them woody. Inertia will probably win out.
But in general we haven't got much done. Today for example we spent two hours looking for the kitten. Downstairs calling Mimo Mimo, upstairs Mimo Mimo, in the attic, in the cellar, in the garden, in the barn (no she doesn't go out but we were getting desperate). No she wasn't in the basket all the time we looked in the baskets ten times at least. But she appeared from that general vicinity.
When we weren't looking for Mimo we were putting the chickens back in their run. Four times if it was once (eventually we just took them down to the woods and left them to it) or scraping the cremated remains of meringue off the bottom of the cooker.
The meringue seemed to be the ideal way to use up the five egg whites left from the creme patisserie that took five egg yolks and use up the left over creme patisserie. In fact to generally concoct something sweet and yummy. Instead I concocted a previously unknown substance that resists all attempts to remove it. The settings on the cooker are only notional it seems and the choice is actually gas mark blast furnace or gas mark inferno. Yes it is definitely the cookers fault the cook is blameless.
The oven has only just been put into commission, it needed the burner changing for LPG but we couldn't find the burner until we took the back off the cooker. It's taken two months for our desire for pizza to overwhelm our desire not to bugger about pulling the cooker out and taking it to bits. Then we couldn't find the replacement burner which we'd put somewhere safe. In a box. But where was the box? That was three hours searching then.
The box had been turned into kitten proofing blocking up a hole in the bathroom. So although we looked and looked it was no longer the box with the cooker bits in it was kitten proofing and we just didn't see it.
Oh and we're blighted our beautiful spuds blighted. This is what happens I guess when it's either raining buckets or 28 degrees and the veg growing advice is based on the UK weather and the gardener doesn't use her brains. So since they've all flowered I'll follow "The Vegetable Expert" advice and cut off the haulms, leave the spuds in the ground for 10 days and then dig them up. Unless anyone has a better idea.


Imperatrix said...

That is a very cute shot!

Aren't you creeped out knowing you have carnivorous chickens? Yeep!

I always lay my meringue (like I make it that often -- I make meringue mushrooms at Christmas-time, that's it) on aluminum foil, so it's easier clean-up . Since I only make meringue once a year, I don't feel *too* bad using such an energy and environmental destructive item as alumninum foil. (I know, I'm rationalizing. Sigh.)

Karen said...

Imperatrix my only previous meringue was on top of lemon meringue pie so I had no idea of it's adhesive qualities. I think you can be excused once a year foil use since it's Christmas.

Carnivorous chickens? I don't get that?

Adekun said...

I'm visiting my parents a little to the west. It's done nothing but bloody rain, fortunately it's done the same back in Japan and I haven't had to worry about the plot drying up.

Karen said...

Adekun Your plot looks great mine looks totally rubbish at the moment but we are getting food out of it which is the main thing. The rain is due to stop tomorrow as my brother is coming to stay he has that effect on the weather

Adekun said...

That would be the rain? Hopefully by the time we return, the rainy season will have passed.

Imperatrix said...

oops! Sorry, I thought it was the *chickens* scraping hte meringue off the cooker (with their beaks), so I figured they were eating whipped up baby chicken albumen.

I was wrong. It was you doing the scraping.

Hedgewizard said...

All chickens are carniverous, and will eat broken eggs in the run if they get a chance. You know all that scratching around in the yard? That's looking for bugs, that is. If you heave in a stray snail you'll witness one of the key events at the Chicken Olympics, the One Snail Six Chickens Handicap Chase.

Karen, if they're flying out of the run you might need to trim their flight feathers on one side...

Karen said...

Adekun Yes I did mean the rain although I could be wrong looking at the forecast

Imperatrix Oh I see what you mean! but yes as HW says they will eat just about anything. They finish up the cat food at my friend's down the road. We have dogs to do that though

HW They are getting out because their run needs moving again it's a bit of a swamp with all the rain we will just have to get round to that chicken tractor. Did you get yours built?